Sunday, October 31, 2010

bye bye kitty

4 days ago, we were suprised with one adorable kitten who appeared in front of our doorstep. Apparently, the mother had just given birth probably near the doorstep and left one of the kitten there. The whole day it sat there alone and unattended. By the time I noticed it , the time was already evening. There were blood stain all over the place. In fact, the umbilical cord was still attached to the abdomen.

Being someone who is actually scared of cats..imagine my surprise..

Of course i cannot simply let it outside like that. i waited and waited and waited...for the mother to come. she never came..

Lest, i took it inside and we named it 'kitty'..i wasn't sure whether it was a male or female..being ignorant as i am towards cat, i fed it cow's milk wiht a spoon. it seemed not to like it.

Lo and behold, i went to the internet for some info on newborn stated that the best is for the mother ot take care of it. or get a foster mother cat..

wherer can i get that????

then if not, feed it with milk replacement... DO NOt GIVE COW's MILK..

AArrghh!! too late!!!

I went ot the pet shop that evening after work and got some low downs on how to take care of newborn kitten., The shopowner gave some tips and such..

I actually bought a bottle to feed it with!!

For the first itme in my life, i actually fed a kitten wiht a bottle.

At first it seemed to be getting better. the fur was getting more beautiful..

i tried to feed it as the advice said, tried to feed it every 2 hours..

and i was ecstatit when it actually pooped..hehe


D4 of life...

I was shocked ot hear from my brother that after subuh prayers he had tried to wake up kitty and it never woke up..

For verily it;s life was taken by Allah...

here we go bloody bank!!

from a clinician to a blood sucking vampire

what a road less traveled!! Phew...

Officially I was granted by the kementerian kesihatan to be sent to PDN now for my birthday..
too much has happened in so short of time that in the end cause me to have such a headache!!
Initially I had thought of becoming a clinician in the medical department, but now a part of me likes the thought of research/public health..but then again..i have to be sent to pusat darah negara...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freedom from the entaglement of being a houseman!!
Date of freedom : 9th July 2010
The current institute....


so different from the good old days at the hospital..

the institute director had mentioned that now we have to think as a more thinking as a doctor,n utritionist , nurses and such...

it takes time to dissociate ourself from what we have been trained to do..

especially if we have been trained gruelly so..