Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Day 2 at the National Blood BAnk

What I can say is that it's definitely different from the previous 2 settings that I have worked with.

The hospital is a crazy-havoc place where you run around all over and always having work to do. Especially so when you are a houseman. With lethal consequences and high mortality rate.

Then I had a short stint at a research center. Well, it is a somewhat less hectic place with routine working hours and not so crazy shift. You deal with statistics and lots of writing.

Then comes the BLOOd BANK. Where your core business is...well...simply to get blood and testing of blood.

I'm still in the orientation process...so can't really comment much. Yet, so far, it's quite interesting. And you get to see hemophiliac patients...

The routine work consist of going out in the mobile clinics - blood drive , where you encounter healthy 'donors' to get more blood stock.

Then you have the 'slides' show...hehe...This means that you need to read the full blood picture slides.

You also get to see hemophiliac patients...which is quite a rare occasion if you go elsewhere.

You have oncalls, in which you are in charge of the whole of blood bank for that day. You will receive calls from hospitals , especially that from the Klang Valley regardign blood products.
Dont underestimate Blood Donation campaign...it's really an important business...
Imagine that these blood products are potentially lifesavers...a thin line between life and death...
especially in the cases of accidents or any bleeding that by replacement of blood, these lives can be saved ( of course, by Allah's Will)...
IN Malaysia, where cases of accidents are indeed high, these are inevitable life savers....
To all healthy people out there...please donate blood...you can save a life...
As a Muslim, we are very encouraged to help other people...why not so by donating blood...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Decline of a Civilization?

The Millenia....

When it was the Y2K countdown, everybody was prophecizing so many outcomes toward our world...the Y2K bug...the so called apocalypse and so forth...

And now a decade has passed since the Y2K event....

Those who were born in the 90's...now becoming in their early 20's...the age of the NOT SO INNOCENCE...

the Gen-Y, so to speak...

I am ending my 20's soon...THis month I have turned 27...an age that I deem to be quite an aged individual...as of now,..i am a daughter,an elder sister to another 6 more younger siblings,a wife and a doctor...and waiting anxiously whether i can be a mother....

But as Allah has planned it so that I would able to open my eyes...WIDE OPEN...or in other words.. a shout out for me..that life is not as it used to be....

These few weeks , i have had to take care of the household...with my mother and father going away...the 2 younger siblings beneath me, need no taking care of from me...

But the other 4...one is 22, 17,13 and 10 respectively...

EAch with their own individual needs and different characters....OH MY....and I do mean dIFFERENT....

I realize a lot since this few weeks..i tried to juggle as a working person, a sister and a wife...

Initially I tried to make everything picture perfect...with ironing my husband's clothes, preparing breakfast and dinner for them all...

It took a different twist when suddenly I had been ordered by the minstry to be sent to the blood bank.. It was quite a jolt as I had thought of trying out for my entrance exam...

LO and behold..gone werer the days I actually tried to cook and everything..the Study was priority... I had a fixed idea that this one month I would do nothing but study..study and study...

HOwever being someone who is not accustomed to just studying.. I found it quite hard...

wait...I think it's getting out of the topic...

What I meant to write was that during this few weeks, I had the opportunity of being the caretaker of my siblings.. and handle all their problems...

Being in charge of them meant dealing with them in a lot of aspects of their life...

It made me realize that we have led differnt lives...even though we were raised in the same household..but the time we led were different,...even if it has only been a decade apart....

Their knowledge, their hobbies,pasttimes and all were altogether different form mine..

i remember I had my first handphone when I was in the university...so that I could contact my parents easily....

NOw my brother at the age of 15 already has his own handphone....

Chatting, messaging, facebook,my space and what nots... Yes I do know it also applies to that of my age....but albeit, i'm not that quirky about social networking....

Yet, the very idea of getting connected to a lot of people, those who you know and not..has created a phenomenon that is beyond our control....

and at a PRICE...a heavy price, that is....

for all its positive effect on our cvilization,...it has created a monster without us realizing it..

I should know...because it has also affected my family so much...

I can see the difference within my 3 younger siblings who are so hooked on the net ...they tend to pay attention to the computer.. and become somewhat lacking in terms of REAL SOCIAZLING, whihc in the real world...

With all these affecting our young generation, who can prophesize what would happen next...

na'uzubillah...May Allah Help Us ALL....

Who was the first one to develop stethoscope? Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec

HE was a french physician who invested the stethoscope and perfected the art of auditory examination of the chest cavity

The stethoscope is one of the most vital instrument that doctors must have...
The use of stethoscope is that it functions as an amplifier...it helps in our diagnosis of a disease when we auscultate patient ...especially that of respiratory and cardiovascular problems....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

teringat zaman-zaman houseman dulu

The days as a houseman..............

tepat 4 bulan habis houseman...pada umur 27 tahun

Grad umur 25...

time jadi houseman..terasa macam laaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa nye masa nak berlalu..dan sekarang..kadang-kadang rindu pulak time2 tu..

rindu pada suasana hospital..degupan jantung yang tak menentu...

tidur yang x dpt tidur sgt..

cuti yang x cuti sangat..

hectic..havoc..jonah..semua ada....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

bye bye kitty

4 days ago, we were suprised with one adorable kitten who appeared in front of our doorstep. Apparently, the mother had just given birth probably near the doorstep and left one of the kitten there. The whole day it sat there alone and unattended. By the time I noticed it , the time was already evening. There were blood stain all over the place. In fact, the umbilical cord was still attached to the abdomen.

Being someone who is actually scared of cats..imagine my surprise..

Of course i cannot simply let it outside like that. i waited and waited and waited...for the mother to come. she never came..

Lest, i took it inside and we named it 'kitty'..i wasn't sure whether it was a male or female..being ignorant as i am towards cat, i fed it cow's milk wiht a spoon. it seemed not to like it.

Lo and behold, i went to the internet for some info on newborn kitty..it stated that the best is for the mother ot take care of it. or get a foster mother cat..

wherer can i get that????

then if not, feed it with milk replacement... DO NOt GIVE COW's MILK..

AArrghh!! too late!!!

I went ot the pet shop that evening after work and got some low downs on how to take care of newborn kitten., The shopowner gave some tips and such..

I actually bought a bottle to feed it with!!

For the first itme in my life, i actually fed a kitten wiht a bottle.

At first it seemed to be getting better. the fur was getting more beautiful..

i tried to feed it as the advice said, tried to feed it every 2 hours..

and i was ecstatit when it actually pooped..hehe


D4 of life...

I was shocked ot hear from my brother that after subuh prayers he had tried to wake up kitty and it never woke up..

For verily it;s life was taken by Allah...

here we go bloody bank!!

from a clinician to a researcher..to blood sucking vampire

what a road less traveled!! Phew...

Officially I was granted by the kementerian kesihatan to be sent to PDN now for my birthday..
too much has happened in so short of time that in the end cause me to have such a headache!!
Initially I had thought of becoming a clinician in the medical department, but now a part of me likes the thought of research/public health..but then again..i have to be sent to pusat darah negara...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freedom from the entaglement of being a houseman!!
Date of freedom : 9th July 2010
The current institute....


so different from the good old days at the hospital..

the institute director had mentioned that now we have to think as a researcher..no more thinking as a doctor,n utritionist , nurses and such...

it takes time to dissociate ourself from what we have been trained to do..

especially if we have been trained gruelly so..

Thursday, May 20, 2010


the innocence of a child...
You can never reverse back your childhood...
childhood years are one of the magical moments in life...
No one can ever deny the happiness of a child..
Don't you remember what it was as a child
so full of carefree
all you could ever think of was fun & play
Mama & papa were your idols..
cartoons are everything..
ultraman..superman..were they real?
cherish your childhood...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


How to become human? ...HUmane?

There are numerous more things that they do not teach you in school..
The Basic Human Necessities...

I just wonder..how is it to become human once again..

With the current predicament nowadays befalling our society...it is as if we are acting as we do not know how to behave like a HUMANE human...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Luahan Hati Sebelum Pro EXam - revisited

Sesungguhnya Islam itu begitu indah sekali bagi mereka yang mengerti akan prinsipnya dan juga isi kandungannya. Tiada yang lebih tinggi dari agama ini, dan sesungguhnya mati berjuang utk menegakkan syiar islamiyyah adalah suatu perjuangan yang sangat mulia. Namun, di sini harus ditekankan bahawasanya ia harus bermula dengan memahami akan ad-deen ini, bermula dengan mengenali apakah itu erti kehidupan dan seterusnya akan mengenali siapakah pencipta kita.

Kini, boleh dikatakn bahawa ana sudah hampir 7 tahun berkenalan dengan istilah ‘tarbiyyah’. Pada mulanya, ia terasa sangat asing dan janggal, akan tetapi apabila time goes on, then it becomes a strong entity of your life and soon you realize that it is to absolve oneself into the tarbiyyah program is the challenge itself. It is not purely theoretical, it never has been and it will never be as that. It is to incorporate and translate into one’s life. Verily, Islam is a way of life.

Mungkin ada yang akan bertanya, mengapakah ana ingin berbicara suatu topic, yang boleh dikatakan sebagai suatu benda yang asas, dan mungkin tidak lagi perlu utk di bincangkan. Fasa kita sekarang mungkin lebih kepada utk bekerja. Tapi, sesungguhnya bagi insan ini, yang masih lagi penuh dengan kelemahan , tendency for myself to jatuh dalam ujian adalah suatu fenomena yang biasa.

Kini, tinggal lagi 3 minggu sahaja sebelum berdepan dengan professional exam, suatu ujian yang besar & penentu samada seseorang pelajar medic akan beralih kepada gelaran ‘doktor’. Sepanjang 5 tahun , termasuk fasa pre-klinikal & seterusnya klinikal, akan berakhir dengan professional exam ni. Sesungguhnya, ia suatu perkara yang sangat digerunkan oleh rakan2 ana & ana sendiri. Namun, kita hanya boleh berusaha & penentunya terletak kepada Ilahi.

Tapi, situasi ini berkait rapat dengan tajuk atau topic yang ana ingin bicarakan. Disebabkan exam ini, ana sendiri telah meletakkan jawatan, atau ‘slowed down’ my involvement dalam J. Seharusnya, prog rasmi tarbiyyah sahaja yang di perlahankn, namun atas kelemahan diri ini, yang juga berada agak jauh dari sahibah2 yang sudah lama berada dalam prog T ini, ana juga telah slow down dlm prog Tarbiyyah yg tak rasmi. Situasi di sini mungkin tidak sama dengan tempat lain. Ana tak dapat nak menggambarkan macamana suasana di sini. Tapi, yang pastinya ialah suasana study itu yang dominant. Rata2 rakan ana di sini adalah mereka yang study oriented. Di sini kami hanya memikirkan ttg study. Yang menjadi keluhan bagi mereka adaalh berkaitan dengan study. Rehat adalah sekadar nak releasekan stress dari study. Stress pun berkaitan dengan study. Kehidupan di sini adalah utk lulus exam. Banyak topic perbualan berkisar tentang pelajaran, lecturer, patient, dan benda berkaitan dengan di hospital.

Sejak 1 blok terakhir ni, focus ana adalah pada study. Ini adalh suatu fenomena yang agak ganjil dan luarbiasa bagi diri ini. Sepanjang matriks & juga hampir 5 tahun di sini, ana tidak pernah lagi mengecualikan diri selama ini dari memikirkn ttg prog D&T yang rasmi. Tapi memandangkn pro exam ini adlh suatu yang amat genting, kita harus memikirkn ttg aulawiyyat & juga kemampuan diri sendiri. Oleh itu, ana mengambil keputusan sedemikian.

Ingin ana kongsi sedikit apakah perasaan ana sejak hampir 2 bulan berada dlm suasana ‘study oriented’. Sesungguhnya sekiranya niat kita ikhlas lillahita’ala, segalanya akan terasa indah jua, namun ana tidak sebaik itu dan keikhlasan itu seharusnya ana cuba utk pupukkan. Ana sendiri tidak dapat lari dari terikut dengan keadaan yang exam-oriented. Seringkali ana dilanda perasaan gundah gelana, keluh kesan apabila memikirkn ttg exam ini. Apakah ana akan lulus? Terasa takut dengan keadaan yang bakal menimpa.. adakah lecturer itu baik, garang? Patient nya macamana? Kes yang senang atau susah?

Apabila kita telah jauh dengan proses Tarbiyyah, maka niat kita utk menjadikan profession atau pelajaran kita sebagai wasilah/amal ibadah seringkali tersasar. Perasaan yang datang adalah perasaan yang tidak tenteram dan seterusnya menyebabkn kita hanya focus kepada duniawi sahaja. Kadangkala kita akan hanya akan memikirkan ttg exam dan bukan lagi kepada Islam yang tercinta. Apabila kita banyak fikir ttg duniawi, sesungguhnya kehidupan ini terasa sangat sempit & diri ini sangat selfish & mementingkan diri sendiri.

Dan di sinilah ana ingin kembali balik kepada ayat ana yang awal, sesungguhnya islam ini adlh tinggi dan hidup utk menegakkan syiarnya adalah kehidupan yang sebenarnya.
Sesungguhnya peganglah kepada prinsip ini dan jadikanlh kehidupan ini kehidupan yang diredhai Allah.

Rantings from yesteryear

Life is full of surprises…well, you can’t really say life per se…but Allah planned things to be like those you can’t really expect. I don’t know…it’s just that you never know what’s going to happen next..even though you tend to plan at times..mostly you don’t. though..But the thing is, it’s hard to know what’s next in your life.
Life is really full of tawakal ilallah…Only Allah holds your future..you can never grab ahold of it, even for a second.
With the science all in an uproar state..with all this canggih thingamajigs and stuff,...you tend to lose out a lot on faith. We have this canny ability to actually feel high above the creator sometimes. We’d never really say it at times, but you can see it..from how people act nowadays. It seems as if knowledge and going higher and achieving more advancement is the real gem in life. Nothing less, nothing more.
People just get this demented idea that that’s what life’s all about. Achievements & self galore. It’s always been like that, all through out the history. Ever since the time of nabi adam, I suppose. With the story of habil and qabil..just to proves us that’s it’s part of being a human. And the problem existed eversince forever I guess.
Maybe we don’t realize it, but in a way we do have that riak feeling in us. We feel as though that we were the one that cause some things to happen. We forget that everything happens with biiznillah. The only syarat to pass is that it must comes from Allah, never do we have the power to achieve anything lest Allah gives us the permission.
When people do lose out on the feeling of being weak, we tend to feel strong. We tend to feel like it’s up to us …everything is up to us. And we forgot the part that we are weak. When that happens..all hells break loose. I do mean that to be as grave as it sound.
Life lies in an intricate balance… needing some sort of a system to make it stay in that balance. When something happens, tipping the balance, life goes out of order.
And that’s something that we don’t’ want to see. But you know what, that thing is happening right now…in front of our very own eyes.
And the sad part is that we’re accepting that imbalance in life as if it’s something normal and not to consider that it is something out of the ordinary;.
We’re saying yes to all the stuff that’s not supposed to.
We’re adopting it part of our life.
We’re even propogating it to other people.
Even more tragic, we are becoming the generators of the imbalance of life.

And what is that imbalance of life, you might ask..
Well..look around you…I might answer
You see the clouds around you..
You see the night coming after the day..
The day after the night..
The sun giving off sunshine so that life can propogate

Still don’t understand?
Well, look harder still then..

You see how beautiful the clouds are..
So fluffy and white..
The sun..so yellow and oh so bright
The nighttime..
Full of eerie & gives off a feeling of something that might lurks around you
That can’t be the imbalance…everything looks so in order..

Yes..you are right..
It is in order..

And again, what is that imbalance then?
Well,…look at the people around you , I say..

I don’t dare to describe the people around me..
It’s full of vanity, materialism..and what nots..
It’ s everywhere nowadays…

Dunya has resided in the hearts of many men…a disease worth mentioning..
A disease of which there’s only one cure..

And what might that cure be?
It’s really simple..really…
Okay…so let’s see then…
To cure the dirt that has tainted the hearts of men…
In other words to make it white again,..to clean it..
Using what?

A detergent of utmost potency..a drug of high efficacy..
Something that is above the duniya..
The akhirah….


All these mentioned…sounds familiar?
But how does it reside it in your heart?
The akhirah as reminder that it’s the world we’re going to live in after death
Iman as a source of power…a divine power to guide you in this forsaken world
Faith..as a place to hold on to in this twisted earth
Islam as a system to live onto..to hold onto..to be guided with..the only way of life
Allah..As th most benevolent …highly esteemed ..highly merciful creator of us all…
To Him only we owe our life…
And with this do we owe our balance of life..

Friday, May 14, 2010


One of the most important things as a son or daughter is that we take care and do take interest in the well being of our parents. For they have nurtured us for so well, the least that we can do is repay their love and kindness.

What you can do in terms of medical aspect, is to know what medication their taking...

in the elderly group of people, many of them, especially the grandfatehrs/fathers...have a background history of diabetes, hypertension , ischemic heart disease in which medications are of utmost important.

Medications such as aspirin, warfarin, or those with any anticoagualant effects are of topmost priorty to know, as this will cause bleeding disorder, mind you.

Always label correctly the medications, clarify with the pharmacist upon taking the medicatoin what are the medications are indicated for. When to take and how to store them.

and do bring your medications when you go to follow up at the clinic

I feel that this is an important thing to know as it creates a bit of a problem when the patient does not what medication their taking and do not bring them along whenever they see a doctor..

Thursday, May 13, 2010


KINI, Pihak NGO daripada Turki IHH bersama-sama kerajaan Turki telahpun memulakan usaha untuk melaksanakan konvoi talian hayat Gaza yang ke empat. Satu usaha besar-besaran pada kali ini iaitu konvoi yang akan melalui jalan laut.
LL4G merupakan satu usaha jaringan NGO antarabangsa untuk menghantar bantuan kepada
penduduk Gaza yang telah sekian lama menderita dizalimi rejim Zionis Israel, seterusnya cuba untuk menamatkan sekatan dan embargo yang dikenakan ke atas Gaza.
Usaha murni ini diterajui oleh sebuah NGO dari Negara Turki iaitu Foundation for Human Rights & Freedoms & Humanitarian Relief, atau lebih dikenali sebagai IHH, bersama-sama NGO-NGO antarabangsa yang lain antaranya Free Gaza Movement dan European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG.)

Konvoi Kemanusiaan terbesar di dunia (setakat ini) dijangka bermula pada
pertengahan bulan May 2010, akan melibatkan tokoh-tokoh politik dan aktivis
kemanusiaan antarabangsa yang prihatin terhadap krisis kemanusiaan di Gaza
akan bersama-sama menyertai konvoi yang akan menaiki kapal dari Istanbul
terus ke Gaza. Kita menjangkakan sekitar 20 buah kapal dan bot muatan akan
bersama-sama merentasi Laut Mediterranean dari Istanbul melalui Cyprus, dan
seterusnya mendarat di Gaza.
Mereka akan membawa bersama-sama konvoi tersebut barang-barang yang
sangat diperlukan oleh penduduk di Gaza, termasuklah bahan binaan, ubatubatan
dan peralatan hospital (mesin MRI, Ultrasound, alat ujian darah)
peralatan sekolah, janakuasa elektrik dan juga bahan-bahan makanan.

Bantuan tersebut akan dibawa terus ke Gaza dengan menggunakan hubungan
diplomatik kerajaan Turki yang memang mempunyai Perjanjian Keselamatan
dengan rejim Israel semenjak peperangan dunia yang ke-dua lagi. Mengikut
butiran perjanjian tersebut, Israel tidak boleh mengganggu kapal-kapal
daripada Turki.

LIVE from Perhimpunan Perdana Palestin

Salah Satu AJK Haluan Palestin

Monday, May 10, 2010

Emergency Department woes


Ever why they call it the emergency department?

Probably it has something to do with the fact that the presenting complaints are in need of emergency attendance..

Doing oncalls in the emergency department is something different than that of other departments. Here you would attend patient nonstop until the next morning. I do mean, NON STOP.

in other departments , we would only attend patient who have been REFERRED to the department, thus only specific complaints that are related are only seen. but, at ED, you have to attend to ALL complaints by patients.

It is a test of human patience, I believe.

Sometimes, it just makes me wonder why some people would want to bring themselves or family members with complaints of sore throat and runny nose at 2 or 3 am in the morning?

or fever about 2 hours ago and still feeling well, to come straight to the emergency department instead of going to the clinic?

It just makes me wonder.

The thing is, when this happens, it will cause a long queue for other patients who are in need of the emergency attendance. The normal waitign period for a person at the emergency department can take up to 3-4 hours.

What I can say about the emergency department is that you have to deal with so many different kinds of complains, diseases, characters of people - dealing with the patient themselves, family members and other doctors in other deparmtnets and to do so in a short interval of time.

in ED --> TIME is of the essence

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami...

perhimpunan perdana palestin

SHAH ALAM, 9 Mei: Sebanyak RM1.1 juta sumbangan rakyat Malaysia kepada warga Palestin berjaya dikumpul oleh Konvoi Lifeline4Gaza (LL4G) yang bakal diserahkan kepada mangsa kekejaman Zionis Antarabangsa itu pertengahan Mei ini.
Jumlah tersebut diumumkan di dalam Perhimpunan Perdana Palestin yang diadakan Stadium Malawati, dekat sini malam tadi dengan kehadiran luar biasa memenuhi ruang dewan dengan acara memberangsangkan.
Majlis malam tadi bermula dengan solat hajat, ucapan-ucapan dari wakil-wakil NGO termasuk Timbalan Presiden Muslim Care, Zulkifli Mohd Nani dan selingan nasyid persembahan dari Muadz, Raihan dan Shoutul Harokah dari seberang.
Turut berucap adalah Wakil Pimpinan Palestin di Gaza, Syeikh Ziyad Al-Qishawi yang juga Koordinator Bantuan Antarabangsa Ikatan Ulama Palestin dan Naib Presiden Foundation For Human Right & Freedom Relief (IHH) dari Turki, Mr Hussain Oruc.
Mereka berdua menyampaikan salam perjuangan dan terima kasih tidak terhingga dari rakyat Palestin kerana sanggup memberikan sumbangan dan doa di atas mala petaka yang dikenakan ke atas mereka selama ini.
Untuk rekod, krisis kemanusiaan selama ini di Palestin membangkit rasa kebersamaan kepada rakyat dan NGO prihatin negara ini yang menggerakkan konvoi Lifeline4Gaza – Break The Siege ataupun Talian Hayat Untuk Gaza – Menerobos Tembok Kematian.
Mereka disertai oleh Pertubuhan Himpunan Lepasan Institusi-institusi Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (HALUAN), Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM), Jemaah Islah Malaysia (JIM), Yayasan Amal, Palestinian Center of Excellence (PACE), Aqsa Syarif, Dewan Pemuda Masjid Malaysia (Dewan Pemuda), Pertubuhan Mawaddah Malaysia dan Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM).
Bagi menjayakan misi menghantar bantuan ke Gaza ini, mereka akan menyertai usaha konvoi antarabangsa yang diketuai oleh sebuah NGO dari Negara Turki iaitu Foundation for Human Rights & Freedoms & Humanitarian Relief (Insan Hak ve Hurriyetleri – atau lebih dikenali sebagai I.H.H.) bersama-sama NGO-NGO antarabangsa yang lain seperti Free Gaza Movement dan European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG).
Kini, IHH dengan sokongan penuh kerajaan Turki dan NGO-NGO antarabangsa dari lebih 17 buah negara lain telah memulakan usaha untuk melaksanakan konvoi talian hayat Gaza yang ke-empat iaitu Lifeline4Gaza. Satu usaha besar-besaran iaitu satu konvoi yang akan merentasi Laut Mediterranean bermula dari Istanbul, Cyprus dan akhirnya terus ke Gaza mengikut jalan laut. Konvoi ini akan membawa lebih daripada 20 buah kapal dan bot.
Kempen ini diketuai oleh Perdana Menteri Turki sendiri, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Konvoi kemanusiaan terbesar di dunia ini akan membawa bantuan asas keperluan seperti bahan pembinaan hospital, bahan perubatan, peralatan sekolah dan bahan-bahan makanan. Mereka juga akan diiringi oleh tokoh-tokoh politik dan kemanusiaan sedunia yang prihatin terhadap krisis kemanusiaan di Gaza.
Bantuan tersebut akan dibawa terus ke Gaza dengan menggunakan hubungan diplomatik kerajaan Turki yang memang mempunyai Perjanjian Keselamatan dengan rejim Israel semenjak peperangan dunia yang ke-dua lagi. Mengikut butiran perjanjian tersebut, Israel tidak boleh mengganggu kapal-kapal daripada Turki.
Sumbangan derma bagi menjayakan bantuan ini boleh disalurkan terus melalui akaun khusus untuk projek Lifeline4Gaza seperti berikut:
Nombor akaun: 5644 9020 8528
Bank : Maybank Berhad

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


" Wahai Rabb Yang Mahahidup, wahai Rabb Yang Berdiri Sendiri ( tidak butuh segala sesuatu), dengan rahmat-Mu aku mohon pertolongan, perbaikilah segala urusanku dan jangan diserahkan kepadaku sekalipun sekejap mata ( tanpa mendapat pertolongan dari -Mu)"
Life is a roller coaster, I always say..
One minute you're up, the next thing you just go downhill

One thing that has taught me at the emergency department is that the only that thing that is predictable in life is that it is not predictable

Due to its nature, there is constant worry about what might happen to your patient once you have attended to them.

The feeling just leaves you in a state of uncertainty, in which to some people might amount to some sort of discomfort and anxiety.

The thing is, the answer is so simple..yet to have fully embedded it inside your heart is another different thing..
Just do the best in your ability to serve your patient and leave the rest to Allah... for He has the Power over all things..

" Allah lah yang mencukupi ( segala kebutuhanku), Tidak ada Ilah yang berhak diibadahi dengan benar selain Dia, kepada Nya aku bertawakal. Dialah Rabb ( yang menguasai) 'Arsy yang agung"
- HR Ibnu Sunni ( from Dzikir Pagi & petang - syaikh sa'id bin 'Ali wahf al Qahthani)

Friday, March 26, 2010





Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Accident & emergency department...

Alhamdulillah, i have completed my 5th posting of which was surgery and now..i have just started my last posting as an Houseman...the elusive Accident & emergency department.
I am currently into my 2nd week as tagging houseman in the dept..in which we are to be posted in the triage counter.

But before we go further into the department..why not we start off with an introductory bit regarding the dept..

The Emergency Department (ED), sometimes termed Accident & Emergency (A&E), Emergency Room (ER), Emergency Ward (EW), or Casualty Department is a hospital or primary care department that provides initial treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.

The first specialized trauma care center in the world was opened in 1911 in the United States at the University of Louisville Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, and was developed by surgeon Arnold Griswold during the 1930s. Griswold also equipped police and fire vehicles with medical supplies and trained officers to give emergency care while en route to the hospital.

Department layout
A typical emergency department has several different areas, each specialized for patients with particular severities or types of illness.
In the triage area, patients are seen by the medical assistant or LPN, who completes a preliminary evaluation, before they are transferred to another area of the ED or a different department in the hospital

WHat it triage, by the way?

Triage (pronounced /ˈtriːɑːʒ/) is a process of prioritizing patients based on the severity of their condition. This rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately. The term comes from the French verb trier, meaning to separate, sort, sift or select. Two types of triage exist: simple and advanced.The outcome may result in determining the order and priority of emergency treatment, the order and priority of emergency transport, or the transport destination for the patient, based upon the special needs of the patient or the balancing of patient distribution in a mass-casualty setting.

How does the A&E operate? --> please review the flowchart

So far, it has been quite an experience..and all I can say that it's only the beginning and there will be much more to come...


Monday, March 8, 2010

a new life.. a new beginning..

The past 3 months has been so uneventful in my life that updating blog has been put aside for quite some time..

For your information, during the past 3 months, i had been engaged and surprise...gotten married..