Sunday, October 30, 2011

A trip not to be forgotten

Alhamdulillah we have performed our umrah during my 7th month of pregnancy to Salahuddin..

Shy shy lah...

Since the last decade, I think I've noticed that there seemed to be a major shift in the youngsters' trends. I'm not implying that I'm already that old, though, but then again, having a child already, do somewhat indicate that I'm in the older category now. :>

A teenager now is far more exposed than I was about 15 years ago. ( Oh my, now I do feel old saying this)...I can't blame them though, with all the stuff being bombarded towards them, who wouldn't want to try out new stuff. Children see, children do, as they say.

They are more daring, , more adventurous and more willing to try out new stuff--> new gadgets and experimenting new situations., so to speak. With uncontrolled technology, comes its consequences.

But we didn't foresee before what would happen if we let it be. Lo and behold, now so many splashes of news regarding youth immoral behavior are bombarding us everyday. Fingers pointing ensue, but not much are being done.

Haven't we realized all the telltale clues before the downfall hits hard? If you just go to a newsstand, there are throngs of entertainment magazine that's just full of fashionistas telling you how to dress, of which most of them are revealing. Or how the 'artistic idols' love stories and gossips fill the mags as well as the newspapers. And is it just me, or even the national and prominent newspaper tend to also protray artists in certain poses of which I consider inappropriate? While at the same time, in the same paper, they quote ' to be asking' why are our youngsters' involved in immoral activities. Go figure...

I mean, who wouldn't want to dress in a similar way, if the outcome looks appealing?

In Islam, as evidenced in other aspects such as the medical world, prevention is the best medicine.
Now we are seeing so many advertisement from the Ministry of Health regarding prevention of dengue and No smoking campaigns to deter health problems, this also goes for immoral activities.

We have to start doing preventions. Amar Ma'ruf Nahi Mungkar. And it starts with us...
But the problem is that, we as parents are also at lost because we are in the same predicament.
I mean, who are we to educate our children, when we ourselves do not adhere to the same rule.

If we see a magazine or in the television showing what is forbidden by Allah do we care? Do we feel anything when we ourselves do not cover our aurah properly?

Lest we forget, one of the reason that Rasulullah was sent was to purify this immoral activities. Islam is a way of life, not just a religion. Islam is not just about praying, and celebrating eid or some solitary event. It is in everything that you do. It is about submission to Allah.Allah has set certain rules because He had created us, and He knows best. As a Muslim, we believe that,...but do we really believe it? What is our proof? Yet , whenever we fall into a musibah, we turn to Allah. We doa really hard, while before this we never really remember Him..How is it so?

" This is the Book (the Qur'an), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqin ( the pious believers of Islamic Monotheism who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained))" - Al Baqarah:2

From the time that we wake up until sleep, do we have the feeling that Allah is watching us? The angels are writing our deeds, be it evil or good.

Verily, our hearts are prone to wander off, and we are in need of a constant reminder. Nowadays, I feel that there are so much out there that just tugs our emotions and nafs.

"O Allah, You are my Lord, none has the right to be worshipped except You, You created me and I am Your servant and I abide to YOur covenant and promise as best as I can, I take refuge in You from the evil of which I have committed.I acknowledge Your favour upon me and I acknowledge my sin, so forgive me, for verily none can forgive sin except You."

"O Ever LIving, O Self-subsisting and supporter of all, by YOur mercy I seek assistance, rectify for me all of my affairs and do not leave me to myself, even for the blink of an eye"

(Remembrance said in the morning and evening, Hisnul Muslim, compiled and referenced by Sa'eed Ibn Wahf al-Qahtaani)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh baby ...

I only have less than a month before my maternity leave ends. It's been 2 months taking care of little salahuddin. Before this, I wasn't much of a baby person. I wasn't really that kind of a person who would stop whenever I see a cute baby and pinch his chubby cheeks. Or the kind would coo seeing an adorable baby. My sister is like that. I was more leveled, I think.

Lo and behold, as time grew , motherhood sort of smothers you with this babyish adoration. I guess this what you call 'mercy' towards children.

I wonder how a person can just be heartless towards children. They are innocent and frail. What more if the victimiser are the parents themselves. This is another excerpt from Tarbiyatul Aulad..

Nowadays, there seems to be numerous cases whereby the ones who should be protecting , are of the opposite. Instead, they forsaken their own children. Naudzubillah...

REcently, I came across a newspaper article that was dated in 2007, reported that it was found 30 plastic bags full of fetuses near a private clinic in a city in India. It was estimated over 20 years, about 10 million of female child being aborted/killed. Yet, they could not really ascertain as it was not allowed to do further research in determining the gender.

It just goes to show that the jahiliyyah tradition that was upheld during the Rasulullah's time, apparently still viable until to this modern day.

It's just scary nowadays, to raise a child in this time. There's just too many bad influences that you can't control. I can't imagine how would it be like in 10 years to come. InsyaAllah, pray that it will be better.

Monday, October 24, 2011

handmade cards

mommy hood versus housemanhood

my little salahuddin

Being a just stellar..Confusing at times.And of course, tiring. At wee morning when your child is needed to be changed or in need of milk, and your eyes just insist on closing, you just know that the child comes first. Regardless what your state is. I've had my share of oncalls during my hospital years, but being with a baby, it's non-stop oncalls. Twice this week, my little Salahuddin wont sleep until about subuh. I have no idea why, especially when so many people tell you that their little ones just sleep most of the time. Is it just my baby , or did I do something wrong in taking care of him? I admit, I sometimes feel sort of mad at the baby for not falling asleep after relentless effort to sleep him. But after he stares at you innocently, you just melt away.

Being a mom can also be scary at times. When Salahuddin was less than a month old, he had many incidents of 'colics' of which he started crying when the bouts came. Alhamdulillah, I have my senior consultant, which it Tok Mek, who would suggest for 'demah' or 'tungku' baby to alleviate the symptoms. There were also advices for gripe water and 'yu yee' oil, which I found to be helpful. Even if we are doctors ourselves, it just felt useless at time like that. He just turned 2 month yesterday, even though it felt way longer than that.

Motherhood is a very important part of one's life. Much more so than our career, if you say so. For example, if you treat a patient, you see that patient in that instance of time, for that particular problem. Yet, if you are a mother, you are seeing that same patient until either you die first, or vice versa. You are the caretaker and sole reference for the child, not just for his health and well being, but also in terms of his emotional, intelligence and social aspect.

If we ask ourselves, how much are we prepared for motherhood?I don't mean in terms of the baby clothes, bottles, diapers and such, but in terms of our spiritual, mental and knowledge.

Before we are eligible holding a job, we have to complete some sort of competency, i.e degree,diploma and what nots. But what about becoming a mother? Do we have some sort of a guide or knowledge as to become a mother? I mean, a competent mother.

Verily, Islam has set guidelines in bringing up a child. There's this very good book, entitled Tarbiyatul Aulad, to be recommended. The author is Abdullah Nasih ULwan. For example, with regards to naming our child, there is a chapter on it, which you can read an excerpt of it below:

That's just on aspect from so many that we have to be aware of.

It's not wrong to go online or pick up from the magazine concerning the gadgets for babies because it's also a necessity , but not to forget also the important aspect of ibadah with our little ones.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am a donor!!

Since being in the National Blood Bank, I am pretty much a dracula to say the least. Our main concern at the center is to ensure that there is enough blood for the hospital at the Klang valley - be it public or private sector. There is a very high demand for blood products from the hospitals. If one is oncall at the blood bank, you would know and be surprised that the usage is high indeed. With all the operations itself in need of back up blood products, then you can imagine how much we need in a day...
Thus, come in the role of the donors...which are most of us,mind you. Yet, there is stringent criteria nevertheless to become blood donors. It must be understood that, it is a privilege to become a donor, because we have to make sure that the blood products are in fact safe to be used for the patient. PATIENTS ARE THE UTMOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO CONSIDER. REgardless how much a person is enthralled to become a donor, but if you are not eligible, it is because we put the patient in the consideration. Perhaps, you are at risk to transfer something detrimental to the patient.

For those who are eligible, do consider to become a regular blood donor as this is a very wonderful way to help others. Within a year, you can donate every 3 months. For apheresis donor, every 2 weeks at least. For red blood donor, you can save three lives as the blood are further more divided into 3 components - plasma, packed red cells and platelets. While the apheresis donor, platelets and plasma which are in need especially for cancer patients and paediatrics patients.

Think how much you can benefit others...

donate blood and save a life....insyaAllah

Sunday, October 9, 2011

what is your priority in life?

As I ponder about my increasing age, a tug of emotions run through me. A day older simply means a day nearer to the day that we will meet our Maker. With increasing age, comes more responsibility. If then, we were only mere child with no such care in the world. Joy and excitement comes from our interaction with our families and the environment. Everything fascinates us. As we become more mature and enter the teenage years, the world seems so different. No longer our parents become the sole reference, now the eyes of our friends becomes all important. Then biological evolution takes over with our hormones burgeoning into action. The term LOVE causes a nuisance into our life as we try to grapple with such strong emotion.

This era of our life determines a lot how our future is shaped. Some survives it successfully, while some fall hopelessly.

The adult world itself brings an eormous change into one's life. Beginning of a new family and holding a job further distracts oneself from our real objectives. A strong anchor is needed to hold oneself glued to the right path.

If we do not reflect ourself and our life, we can easily be diverted by the powerful force of attraction to the life of dunia.

Friday, October 7, 2011

ECO mama

it has been one of my aims to be an eco friendly, with a new role to play as a mother, the intention has been stronger. with an addition of a baby, the realization that we are hurting the environment through our everyday dealings with an infant has increased. Imagine that per day, a baby needs to be chaged is about a minimum of 3-4 times per day. so, per month, about 120 diapers are needed for only 1 baby.that is a equivalent to what if you multiply that to the whole of malaysian babies? What more is that, especially malays, have about 3-4 babies per person. That is only considering the diapers.How about the wipes or tissues invovled? Yet, its not fair to single out that regarding babies, us adults are also to blame. Countless of products we encounter everyday end up in the trash.

my little saladin

my very own salahuddin al-ayubi had arrived on the 23rd the wee hours of 0308AM.

After hours of enduring pain , alhamdulillah he was born not long after starting to push, without any assisted delivery. The pain had subdued as soon as he was out. Lo and behold, there was this beautiful baby boy in front of me. There was this magical feeling, to hold your own flesh and blood.

It was23rd of ramadhan...and how I had hoped it to be lailatul qadr.

As soon as I had been admitted to the hospital, my husband was there throughout the whole ordeal. He was reading the Quran until the time of delivery, which had greatly calmed me.

InsyaAllah, he will be another salahuddin al-ayubi in the making....