Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ah...the admirable physician...

I've always had my heart on being a medical specialist, i.e. physician. During my medical student days, Alhamdulillah, I was the second highest during my medical posting ( according to my mentor). I loved the subject. Even my notes were colourful , in which I had combined my readings from Davidson and Kumar and clark. I also fell in love with the Davidson book. Not to mention also the lecturers were inspirational.

When I was a houseman, medical posting was my fourth posting, a.k.a 2nd year houseman already. Thus, most of my medical officers were quite lenient and was trustworthy enough towards me. Alhamdulillah I was entrusted with various kinds of procedures.

Since I was also jonah in medical, I had the opportunity to witness and attend many different kind of patients and situations - which are life threatening.

I admit that medical posting during houseman was one of the most hectic of them all, yet to me the most exciting of them all. Again Alhamdulillah, throughout my houseman days, I only had to actually take 4 days of medical leave , and that was forced by my senior medical officers. At the time, I was suspected of having H1N1. I believe I had contracted the disease from a patient ( who died afterwards) at the H1N1 ward.

Amid all these fascination, I am also beginning to consider the complete opposite,which is to become a full time housewife. After 3 months of taking full care of my little baby, I just can't bear to leave him to the hands of others. What more since my mother has been a full time housewife, thus, I my self could not fathom of a childhood world without a mother who's there 24/7 for me.

I know I do not have that option, because....I am bonded to the government for another 7 more years. Or else I would have to pay RM250,000.Hah..

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