Saturday, February 7, 2009


What i hope is for a better future

...The only solution is through the islamic revivalism..

..The only way is to follow back the way of the Rasululah..

People nowadays have gone so far away from the teachings of Islam..

During the ward rounds..currently the specialists would always ask questions to the House officers ,including also the medical officers.

many times, they would shake their in disappointment, and let out of sigh as a sign of their despair..

In conclusion-- they have said that we are lacking even the basic information..

...we were asked regarding ectopic pregnacy..and how to do cervical excitation..
and we all blurted out many different versions of answers that as for some, had surprised the specialists..

this bizarre scenario had alerted the specialists that we in fact have not a good enough understanding and knowledge of the basic subject..

And this is how i want to relate to my opening to say that we are far away from the teachings of islam..

in reality..let us put the same situation, ..try ask any muslims..that have been born muslims and have lived as muslims for all their lives.let us ask the same basic questions regarding the deen to they know what islam stands about? do you perform the solah? the way rasulullah does? about the saum?..what is the pillars of islam?...

this consultant of mine..who always seem disappointed with us as doctors..that in her opinion, are not performing to her expectation..

but in my opinion..this consultant of mine..she is not performing as a muslim is expected to perofrm...even the basic aurah-- which is wearing the hijab is not being does not need someone to be from a graduate of a high degree university to comply and comprehend this kind of ruling..

yet..with all the nikmah Allah has given her..the intellect and the status ..even the basic rulings, she is not able to perform...and then she has the audacity to question why we are not performing our role..

i am not trying to blame's just that among people, we need to have understanding and the feeling of wanting to help one another..

this kind of feeling has been lost among the people..

which is very encouraged in islam, infact..

Thus is why we need to have islamic environment once more..whereby peace will prevail..which will uphold the literal meaning of islam..



Anonymous said...

akhirnya jumpa pun blog akaq..
what a good effort..
during a housemenship n u still can write..
i agree with this article..
most doctors nowadays just now bout the basic of medicine, but do not aware about the basic question of life..
who am I?
who is my God?
where am i?
where am i going?
if they really understand this, they will never make people down, blaming others, feel arrogant as they know everything about life..
Allah is the Almighty

Anonymous said...

sorry to intoduce..
i am ur junior..
hanisah ..still remember?;)

Azhani said...

hanisah ke?..takkan lah tak ingat..mcm mn blh jumpa jgk blog akak?amcam skrg sbg 4th yr?