Sunday, February 22, 2009

Social Ills

It could end up like this...

Even though started out like this

For the whole of last week, i was "stuck", at the hospital. I had 2 every other day oncalls and then continued with one pre weekend oncall. It was one busy week indeed. During my 3rd call, my medical officer had received a call regarding one rape case. Usually, only medical officers would handle these kind of cases. However, i thought it might be interesting to see one and off i went to tag along with my MO. Dont get me wrong, i did not just tag along because of it being interesting only..Since i am also in the verge of being an MO someday, thus this kind of experience is crucial for my training.

The victim was escorted by a policewoman, not in clad uniforms, probably because not to raise any suspicion towards the throngs of people at the hospital. I had initially dismissed the policewoman as i thought she was the sister of the v ictim, much to my embarrassment.

During the history taking and examination - the individuals involved consist of the attending doctor, the policewoman and also a medical assistant.

From the history taking - the doctor is supposed to elicit histories suggestive of cocercian and violence and subsequently this information would help in the physical examination.

during the examination, the doctor will then take the DNA sample and culture from the genitalia. However, it's not like the full blown examination like the one seen in the television. It's less dramatic, to say the least.

After taking the full history, examination and investigation, the doctor will proceed with documenting what their have found out , 2 copies to be filled out - one for ourselves and the other for the police, as the info is crucial to us. This would usually end up in court and the doctor attending would have to give testimony in regards to the case.

Sadly to say, there are numerous of rape cases that i have heard of..all within a short time span. This indicates that the numbers of these cases are indeed at an alarming rate. These are the ones thta have been reported. Imagine the ones that does not go reported and let off like that.

We have to be aware that the current situation that have befallen us is indeed grave and not to be shrugged off. There are many cases that i feel could have been prevented easily. In the two recent cases that I was told by my medical officers, it happened among the ones that they know. And the ones that I have come across at Paediatric wards - were also like that. Many a times it happens when the couple goes out together - alone and sadly the circumstances happened even thoughh the parents knew that their daughter was going out with the boy.

As a medical personnel , i would like to advice parents as to be more careful in regards to the social aspect of the daughters. Do not allow your daughter to go out with a guy alone, even though he may be a close relative.

As a muslim, i would like to remind that Allah knows best. What He forbids, and what He allows are the ones best for us. Even though it may seem hard for us, but Allah loves us, and He would only gives the best for us. Thus, if the person is not your mahram, please do not be alone with that person.

This is an important thing to be pointed out , because as i have worked a longer time, i seem to notice that the gender mixing is very prevalent indeed and it is as if not to be bothered..
But..What is Halal and Haram is already fore told..

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