Thursday, June 4, 2009

When East Meets West

as a concerned malaysian, i am very much appalled by the recent trend set by our local artistes in regards to apparell.I was astonished to see that our locals have donned apparrels that have striking resemblance to the audacious Hollywood counterpart.It would not have mattered that much if not for the fact that they are dressed as scantily clad as the Westeners.There must be some sort of a guide that they must follow and we as the population must condone their actions. If it is not curbed immediately, the probabilities that it will transform into a much more serious matter is high indeed. These artistes are looked up by our impressionable youths and they should be a potrayal of a morale figure.It is not enough that many youngsters nowadays have placed high ambitions in being a performer, but to sway our future generations to (imitate them) dress and be like them is just absurd. Thus,i urge that the higher authorities should take proper incentives as to set a guideline that the artistes should beckon to ensure our Eastern values are still respected. Furthermore, the medias should not highlight these kind of behavior as to be accepted.This is not meant to be as a lashout to the fellow artistes,but just a reminder to all, that we have to be responsible for our actions and the complications that may arise from those actions.thank you.


SERVANT said...

100% AGREE to your word, my deary sis!
May Allah bless u for ur wonderful thoughts..!

Anonymous said...

yes annie..
btw who's servant?
shu is that you?