Saturday, May 30, 2009


About Conserve

It’s not paper. It’s not cloth. Neither is it some new fancy DuPont material.
It’s recycled polyethylene bags!
CONSERVE, a non-profit organisation, using a blend of creativity, design & innovation has turned, what was once a dull environmental hazard, into a clean, funky, and fashionable material, from which have been crafted a range of appealing handbags and fashion accessories.
We don’t just stop there! With the support of the Asian Development Bank, we are currently working on a project to generate income, through the production of this material, for the less advantaged communities in Delhi.
We’re sure you and your customers are going to love this exciting new product. We hope that you, like our many other buyers, will also support our efforts to help save the environment while providing a source of income to the urban poor.
- Let us be real muslims and take care of our god given environment

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