Thursday, July 23, 2009

the dreaded medical posting

it's been 2 weeks into my medical postings..

so many deaths i have encountered...

numerous procedures i have had to assist..

cvp's...LP's..CPR..intubation..all within these 2 weeks

i feel so exhausted..

blood many of them..

and not to forget also the radiological go down to the radiological department and request for the investigations..and sometimes only to get scolded by the radiologists..

not to mention, one of my colleague had recently quit his job as a doctor..which in a way fuels me to get away from here..

i dont know anymore..the feeling of depression always sinks in...the feeling to get away from the hospital always befell me...Ya give me the strength..

With the shortage of houseman for my current posting, we would have to do quite a number of oncalls with short intervals in between in each calls...

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