Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the recent death of fellow brother michael jackson actually affected me in a way. I know it sounds absolutely silly..but the thing is, before this, i was very much infatuated with music before i came to know of a thing called " tarbiyyah"..

When the stories of michael jackson became a neverending saga and constantly bombard the ever hungry media..i was also strewn into the story.

Alas, I was reminded of the yesteryear where music and entertainment was an integral part of my life.

I was very much alert in the music scene as I was an adamant listener to the and an avid reader of Galaxie.
There were humongous collections of posters of which we would get when you buy the entertainment magazines.
My hobbies also include visiting the bookstore whereby I would be surrounded the few inches thick taste of books were of various genres. From mystery, adventure, epic novels and also high school stories. Mind you, i was only in secondary school at the time. The prolific authors of which I was sought after were Frederic Forsythe, JOhn Grisham,and of course J.R.R Tolkien...
My ultimate favorite book of all time, ( in terms of fiction, that is) is the Lord of the Rings.

At school also, there were endless of discussions regarding artistes and their music -- most notably at the time, the Spice girls,backstreet boys and Oasis.

And I was..a very huge fan of oasis, whom I considered at the time to be one of the greatest band.

..............Yet, Allah has it planned that I soon discovered something much more meaning in my life...Something that became the reason for living...

I discovered Allah...I discovered that loving Allah is something that surpass all in this world. There is no greather nikmah in this world than having to know Islam...and I praise Allah that He has chosen me to this path...And I Pray to Allah that He would always guide me to be in the straight path so that I may be placed in Jannatul Firdaus

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BaBbliNg BaR0nNESs said...

nearly d same story here.
only diff is that i was crazy bout eminem n lkn park.
Allah is too good to me.
Giving me hidayah, granting my doa.
Tp i always disobey Him
I will try to be His obedient slave.
MJ's death is reminder nobody lives forever.
Insaf skjp.