Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life is full of surprises

Life is full of surprises…well, you can’t really say life per se…but Allah planned things to be like those you can’t really expect. I don’t know…it’s just that you never know what’s going to happen next..even though you tend to plan at times..mostly you don’t. though..But the thing is, it’s hard to know what’s next in your life.
Life is really full of tawakal ilallah…Only Allah holds your can never grab ahold of it, even for a second.
With the science all in an uproar state..with all this canggih thingamajigs and stuff, tend to lose out a lot on faith. We have this canny ability to actually feel high above the creator sometimes. We’d never really say it at times, but you can see it..from how people act nowadays. It seems as if knowledge and going higher and achieving more advancement is the real gem in life. Nothing less, nothing more.
People just get this demented idea that that’s what life’s all about. Achievements & self galore. It’s always been like that, all through out the history. Ever since the time of nabi adam, I suppose. With the story of habil and qabil..just to proves us that’s it’s part of being a human. And the problem existed eversince forever I guess.
Maybe we don’t realize it, but in a way we do have that riak feeling in us. We feel as though that we were the one that cause some things to happen. We forget that everything happens with biiznillah. The only syarat to pass is that it must comes from Allah, never do we have the power to achieve anything lest Allah gives us the permission.
When people do lose out on the feeling of being weak, we tend to feel strong. We tend to feel like it’s up to us …everything is up to us. And we forgot the part that we are weak. When that happens..all hells break loose. I do mean that to be as grave as it sound.
Life lies in an intricate balance… needing some sort of a system to make it stay in that balance. When something happens, tipping the balance, life goes out of order.
And that’s something that we don’t’ want to see. But you know what, that thing is happening right now…in front of our very own eyes.
And the sad part is that we’re accepting that imbalance in life as if it’s something normal and not to consider that it is something out of the ordinary;.
We’re saying yes to all the stuff that’s not supposed to.
We’re adopting it part of our life.
We’re even propogating it to other people.
Even more tragic, we are becoming the generators of the imbalance of life.

And what is that imbalance of life, you might ask..
Well..look around you…I might answer
You see the clouds around you..
You see the night coming after the day..
The day after the night..
The sun giving off sunshine so that life can propogate

Still don’t understand?
Well, look harder still then..

You see how beautiful the clouds are..
So fluffy and white..
The yellow and oh so bright
The nighttime..
Full of eerie & gives off a feeling of something that might lurks around you
That can’t be the imbalance…everything looks so in order.. are right..
It is in order..

And again, what is that imbalance then?
Well,…look at the people around you , I say..

I don’t dare to describe the people around me..
It’s full of vanity, materialism..and what nots..
It’ s everywhere nowadays…

Dunya has resided in the hearts of many men…a disease worth mentioning..
A disease of which there’s only one cure..

And what might that cure be?
It’s really simple..really…
Okay…so let’s see then…
To cure the dirt that has tainted the hearts of men…
In other words to make it white again, clean it..
Using what?

A detergent of utmost potency..a drug of high efficacy..
Something that is above the duniya..
The akhirah….


All these mentioned…sounds familiar?
But how does it reside it in your heart?
The akhirah as reminder that it’s the world we’re going to live in after death
Iman as a source of power…a divine power to guide you in this forsaken world a place to hold on to in this twisted earth
Islam as a system to live hold be guided with..the only way of life
Allah..As th most benevolent …highly esteemed ..highly merciful creator of us all…
To Him only we owe our life…
And with this do we owe our balance of life..

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