Sunday, November 23, 2008

Revivalism of a lost hope

As we embark on a new day.. there are many infinite possibilities that hold open. A journey awaits us… These high hopes and optimism are held tightly by Moslems everywhere.
So many things and events that have happened that have stimulated the Moslems everywhere to rise once more.
I believe it so.. with every inch of my soul that soon the Moslems will rise again as the powerful state is was once…
Albeit so many hardships and sorrow that we have had to endure these recent times… yet it is of utmost important that we do go through those state…
How else can we appreciate the sovereignity and the beauty of our beloved religion…
No other religion has it so wonderful as Islam.. when it is stricken with so many grievous state..deplored of it’s high standing….there comes these honest souls that fight like no other… to protect the sanctity of our religion..
I have not seen so much energy and enthusiasm of the people like the fellow Moslems towards their religion when it is under fire..
My eyes plead with tears as I see them raging with anger when the beloved rasul’s image is being tarnished. Do you not see that, my kuffar friends? Even if we have embraced your way of life.. this little iman is still lit.. is still alive..even if it was beating ever so lightly..
Even if you have done all your might and all your power being put through to allude can never put out the fire of Islam..
For we hold the Truth.. and Allah will always be on our side….
Yes.. I do agree we have lost so much in this battle… the strength that we possess pales in comparison to you.. but in the midst of these nothingness.. we hold the al-Qur’an .. the book like no other…
A book that holds the ultimate secret and the path to our upcoming victory..

To my beloved Moslems everywhere..

Arise once more as we have done in the past
Light the candle of glory
Shout with all your might
Of the call of the adzaan…

Hide no more
Behind that stonewall
Come out and do not deny
This call for battle

We need not
Those state of the art nuclear
The high tech weaponaries

The inside is the most important of all
Your iman and taqwa…
The tawakkal and honesty that is deeply ingrained within you
Is the greatest possession

We only win with the help of Allah

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