Friday, November 28, 2008

a thing to ponder

something that happened recently has made me really's just a remark really...but something that is quite deep to me, I suppose.
Our department has its usual meeting, whereby all the Housemans, medical officers and specialists congregates and all the bashings would start.

After the usual putdown remarks of us being of low quality morale and how irresponsible we have acted and all the degrading what nots, he quipped that the world nowadays has this demeanor.

He commented that even some muslims (in malaysia) now have openly remarked to go against the majlis fatwa..this is concerning the yoga issue. (Sorry, personally, i dont really keep up with the latest news since i've started this posting). He says that this had not happened before and certainly would not have happened if we were in the old days. This is coming from a nonmuslim.
(he just wanted to illustrate that the current generation are those who consist of not just people who simply follow - probably we do have certain attitude, to some extent)

He actually knows that the majlis fatwa constitutes of a institute that is revered by Muslims, and we have to follow the rulings. Perhaps, it is commonsense, I suppose that the non muslims do understand to some extent that we do have our obligations to follow the fatwas given by the religious body.

HOwever, it is quite interesting to note that these kind of issues are to be though of by the nonmuslims..I mean, how do they view our situations, with many issues - the fatwas , the many ongoing conflict and stuff? Are our current situations deterring them from wanting to know islam?

I just hope that they dont get the wrong impression, as if we muslims are constantly picking up trivial stuff to make an issue of as opposed to trying to solve the real dilemmas that are enveloping us?
I do not mean that the yoga issue is trivial, mind you, I do wholly salute their stand since i do believe for any fatwas to be given, it has to be through those who care and have knowledge of the deen.
It's just that with the current situation and the state of muslims (especially that of our country, since i'm not well versed with other countries) - we are lacking far behind in terms of being the khayr ummah and to be examples to others.
Wallahu'alam..since i myself am far away from having the ciri2 of a mukmin, ..this is just a reminder to us all that as muslims we have a huge responsibility to carry out..not just to fulfill our everyday needs..

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