Thursday, March 5, 2009

bye bye O&G

First and foremost, Alhamdulillah ...Allah has granted that i succeeded in completing O&G posting without extension. O&G posting here is notorious for extension of the are likely to be extended rather than not..which is the scariest part.

I have finished 4 months of O&G..of which , i dont think it's really enough to become a competent MO..because in the end of the day -- all these are preparations for you to go to the higher level , which is the MO..that 4 months included also the tagging period.

The O&G department - for those who might not know - stands for obstetrics and gynaecology.

Most of the time, we are exposed to the obstetrics part. For the obstetrics part - it is further more divided into - the labor room (the most stressing place of all), the patient assessment center (PAC ), the obstetrics ward and the operation theaters for the LSCS ( lower segment caesarean section). PAC - is where the actions starts - in that place, the doctor would determine where the patients would be placed. For example, a mother -to-be comes to the PAC,..she is then seen by the attending doctor (in which the Houseman would clerk the patient first and then present to the MO), based on the symptoms and physical examinaiton, she would then be decided whehter to be placed to the obstetrics ward ( as in latent phase of labor - but this depends on the policy of the hospital ), the labor room - to proceed with labor ( as in the cases of active phases of labor), or discharged - as when the mother has false alarm , and she is in fact not in labor yet.

PAC is a very hectic place indeed - and in my case, since i am very "jonah" - which means that tendency that i would be busy during my calls, the PAC is much more so than it usually is.

It's quite amazing that patients can come in a lot simultaneously which leaves us doctors to be in quite a rut..

Then there's THE LaBOR ROOM - the most daunting place of them can go haywire, i tell you. in my hospital - the labor room can accomodate up to 12 patients at one time. When that happpens , oh my..we definitely can go crazy.
When a patient arrives to the labor room - it's either from the ward or the PAC. if its from PAC, we are less worried, because ARM has been done earlier. (ARM stands for artificial rupture of membrane) but if the patient is from the ward - ( and the patient has not had spontaneous rupture of membrane), then the work just gets busier (actually, it's not that much work in addition, mind you - it just means that we have to do the rupturing of the membrane artificially).

The labor room is where the action is..this is the place where the babies are delivered. It can last up to 12 hours, unfortunately, for some mothers. And there are also those who came with the cervix already effaced and the os already fully dilated and within seconds of arrival, already delivered.

--to be continued --


Anonymous said...

ani.. before i read this article, i just want you to know tht i screamed in suraya's hear (and my voice for some weird reason was amplified) coz i caught a glimpse of the picture of the newborn baby.. do not post any more pictures tht might scare least give my some warning.. suraya is complaining of hear damage (aka my voice suraya said)..suraya wants pictures of rainbows n bunnies.. okay.. i might read ur article now..

Anonymous said...

okay...i read the article

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