Wednesday, March 18, 2009

lets learn anatomy - lower limbs

The muscles
The X-Ray of the pelvis

the compartment - cross section

The bones of the Lower LImbs
Orthopedics is synonymous with anatomy - ever since medical schools , the orthopods (orthopedic surgeons) would bombard us with never ending questions on anatomy.
Ever since last week, i've had to assist in more than 8 operations - total hip arthroplasty , total knee replacement, posteriro of infusionof T10 - T12, hemiarthroplasty, diagnostic arthroscopy , wound debridements and such.. during my first assistance, i was asked regarding anatomy by my dear specialist..
haha..much to my disay, or to his astonishment, i wasn't able to answer even on basic anatomy..
Thus, i've promised myself to go back and revise my wholly forgotten bones and muscles ..
oh dear..back to the books..

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Anonymous said...

ur netter book is with me..
so you've got to find some alternative..
turns out the segments you made are really helpful..
i'll be having my lower limbs class soon.. now, abdomen..
exam thursday ni!

-urs faithfully, bibik !