Tuesday, March 24, 2009

rupa-rupanya perjalanan kita masih lagi jauh...

I ended my operation for today, with a luncheon provided by the company which was involved with the implant used.

They had sponsored us food from Domino's PIzza.Usually, whenever there's a company invovled in providing the implant, they would also provided the surgeons and all those assisted with food. Previously, were McD;s or KFC. I am an avid fan of boycotting products by those who are allies with the Zionist..I've been doing that formore than 7 years ago.

However, it has seemed to be a much harder feat to do nowadays, since i have started working. Apparently, ..as I am also shocked with the predicament, there are numerous of us who are still oblivious to the facts of boycott. I am aghast indeed, to say the least.

During my paediatric posting, the staff were regularly ordering fast food- especially PIzza hut, without much hesitations. What more, is that after my O&G posting, we had to celebrate the consultant's birthday as well..Guess what..they had ordered KFC..and i actually succumbed to the pressure of having to use my own money to supply the food.

I havent done that in years..i have sacrificed my brethren's blood...for the sake of food..for the sake of pleasing my consultant.. I cannot believe that i have stooped that low..

The journey of jihad is still a long way to go..How can i talk about Palestine, when many of my colleagues do not even wear the hijab, for that matter?

I tried to talk tomedical officers regarding the issue of palestine,and he was responding with mch enthusiasm, mind you. Much to my dismay, when i realized that the wife of the doctor, dress scantily..I could only deduce that he was talking in regards of palestine in the perspective of a...hm..i don't know how to end the sentence.

Ya Allah, please guide us to the right path and do not let us astray..

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