Sunday, March 15, 2009

WELCome to Ortho !!

Today is "technically ' my last day of tagging at the ortho department, where the is overwhelmingly male dominated department. As opposed to the previous posting of O&G, this department, is pretty much in contradiction in terms of its surroundings.

Albeit I feel very much relieved to be out of the O&G department, the thought of starting another new posting is quite distressing. It starts all over again, to get used to the not so familiar pathologies and all.

In O&G and Paeds, where i was posted prevously, I had only the opportunities to be surrounded with children and female patients ( in O&G, of course) and not so much with male patients and associates. I had become quite detached with working with so many male patients and partners, in which i have to quickly adapt.

Orthopaedics is basically involving the limbs , and also the spine, muscles, bones and tendons. Anatomy is very important here, as the exact site must be known to do further management, as such in thecases of operations.

I can't say much about orthopaedics as of now, since i've only been posted here for only a week..

I have a lot more to go and to learn...Pray that everything would go well..

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Anonymous said...

ortho might b more relaxing