Wednesday, April 8, 2009

another day at ORTHO

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It has been one month in orthopaedics...And still I feel as if i possess little knowledge of the subject. Numerous operations that I have attended,yet i still feel inadequate as to proceed with any large stitchings as of yet.

2 days ago one of my patient had to undergone split skin grafting to cover an extensive wound on the anterior aspect of her right leg. Most of the skin and part of the superficial layer of that part had been debrided and she had been on daily dressings.
I went in to assist the operation and it has been my first one to see skin grafting. Subhanallah! It was an amazing thing to see. The skin graft had to be taken from her thigh. The anterior aspect of her thigh. They had razor off the superficial layer of the thigh and make the layer gotten into a mesh.

The layer was made into a mesh using this machine - in which it sorts of grind and voila!.. There appears many different sheets of mesh. These mesh layers are then incorporated by way of applying into the extensive wound.

These mesh layers are then sutured into place. My job was to make sure that the layers are well applied and basically cut the sutures whenever asked by my medical officers.

It lasted for more than one hour and with the help of 3 medical officers, and one scrub nurse.

One thing that i realize is that teamwork is a must to create a harmonious and happy working environment. this will inevitably lead to good outcome of work in which both the doctors,staff and patients will be satisfied.

After a while working in orthopaedics, i have also discovered that i am actually getting a liking towards becoming a doctor. Before this, i had abhorred to be in the hospital, but since recently, i have found that the ward has not been such a nuisance to work in .

I have to work daily, with no holidays for this 4 months. It was something quite unbearable to work in, initially. It still is sometiems..but the stress level is not as daunting as it has been in obstetrics and gynaecology. Thus, i feel that i can focus more on my patients. pateints..i feel so much at ease with my patients. I do like to see the smiles of my patients. It feels so much pleasure as to see their faces lighting and and getting better.

i have so many old many grandmothers in my ward that just tug my heart.
"makcik...makcik..apa khabar hari ni?" ..i would greet them with a big grin.
"makcik, makan dah elok ke?" ..i would definitely get a warm feeling inside whenever they nod with a grin that just shows off their false teeth.. :)

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