Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Health talk!!


As humble servants of Allah, we must bear in mind as to take good care of our spiritual,mental and also physical health. It may seem rather trivial as to ensure that our health is at its optimum level. However, once this nikmah is taken away from you, it is rather grievous indeed.

Have you ever wondered how it is like to feel pain most of the time?or having shortness of breath? or to be bedridden?

And the need to be admitted to the hospital ? to be poked at ?

It is no pleasure indeed, I must tell you.

Good health is one of the blessings by Allah, thus it is with this reason that we must take this into consideration and it is our duty as Muslims to take care of the gift given by the Almighty:h

From Albukhari - (from his sahih) -
Dua nikmat, yang kerananya banyak orang yang tertipu : kesihatan dan waktu kosong

...Thus, i would like to start this session with getting to know one of the nutrients that's important in our body:

Vitamin D: (calciferols, fat soluble)
- Available mainly from animal sources, fungi and yeast.
mainly manufactured in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

So, you may wonder, why is this important for us?
--> This is required for the absorption of calcium and potassium; the use of calcium and phosphorus by the body.
Think of it this way, it's important for your growth and strength of bones, cartilage and teeth; stronger muscles nd nerves

What happens when there's not enough of vitamin D?
- dental caries, insomnia, muscle cramps, nose bleed
in children, it causes rickets and adults - osteomalacia

What are the symptoms of deficiency:
- anaemia, less bone growth, weaker muscles, respiratory infectoins..

-- Vegetables for health and living, by Prof Dr Ong Hean Chooi,institute of biological sciences,UM

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