Friday, April 3, 2009


For the 3rd week in a row, i'm stuck assisting in the operation theater (OT). It seems that most of my time spent so far for this posting is inside the OT. yesterday, my medical officer had allowed me to suture the fascia and muscle. Since i was a bit slow, i had not the opportunity to continue with the subcutaneous and tissue. it felt somewhat exciting getting to stitch, as opposed to just retract the muscle all the time. What is required for the Houseman to do during major operation is mostly, retract the muscles, suck the oozing blood and pass the instrument. And, of course, hold the's not much of a work, but it's just the beginning. There were 2 operations that had lasted more than 4 hours that i had assisted in the last 3 weeks. One was spine operation and the other one was of arthroscopy of the knee.
One of the most amazing thing that i discovered is that the human body is such an intricate design. Subhanallah!
"Wahai manusia! Telah dibuat suatu perumpamaan. Maka dengarkanlah! Sesungguhnya segala yang kamu seru selain Allah tidak dapat menciptakan seekor lalat pun, walaupun mereka bersatu untuk menciptakannya. Dan jika lalat itu merampas sesuatu dari mereka, mereka tidak akan dapat merebutnya kambli dari lalat itu. Sama lemahnya yang menyembah dan yang disembah" ( Al- Hajj :73)
Sesungguhnya Allah Itu Maha berkuasa. Can you imagine, even if there was only a malleolus fracture which extends into the joint line, we are still ridden with pain and swelling. thus, we are left with agony and bounded to the bed due to pain.
We are weak indeed, and we must put that inside our heart and be reminded that we are bound here with syariah that Allah has imposed upon us...Our life is for the sake of ibadah..

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