Sunday, October 9, 2011

what is your priority in life?

As I ponder about my increasing age, a tug of emotions run through me. A day older simply means a day nearer to the day that we will meet our Maker. With increasing age, comes more responsibility. If then, we were only mere child with no such care in the world. Joy and excitement comes from our interaction with our families and the environment. Everything fascinates us. As we become more mature and enter the teenage years, the world seems so different. No longer our parents become the sole reference, now the eyes of our friends becomes all important. Then biological evolution takes over with our hormones burgeoning into action. The term LOVE causes a nuisance into our life as we try to grapple with such strong emotion.

This era of our life determines a lot how our future is shaped. Some survives it successfully, while some fall hopelessly.

The adult world itself brings an eormous change into one's life. Beginning of a new family and holding a job further distracts oneself from our real objectives. A strong anchor is needed to hold oneself glued to the right path.

If we do not reflect ourself and our life, we can easily be diverted by the powerful force of attraction to the life of dunia.

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