Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh baby ...

I only have less than a month before my maternity leave ends. It's been 2 months taking care of little salahuddin. Before this, I wasn't much of a baby person. I wasn't really that kind of a person who would stop whenever I see a cute baby and pinch his chubby cheeks. Or the kind would coo seeing an adorable baby. My sister is like that. I was more leveled, I think.

Lo and behold, as time grew , motherhood sort of smothers you with this babyish adoration. I guess this what you call 'mercy' towards children.

I wonder how a person can just be heartless towards children. They are innocent and frail. What more if the victimiser are the parents themselves. This is another excerpt from Tarbiyatul Aulad..

Nowadays, there seems to be numerous cases whereby the ones who should be protecting , are of the opposite. Instead, they forsaken their own children. Naudzubillah...

REcently, I came across a newspaper article that was dated in 2007, reported that it was found 30 plastic bags full of fetuses near a private clinic in a city in India. It was estimated over 20 years, about 10 million of female child being aborted/killed. Yet, they could not really ascertain as it was not allowed to do further research in determining the gender.

It just goes to show that the jahiliyyah tradition that was upheld during the Rasulullah's time, apparently still viable until to this modern day.

It's just scary nowadays, to raise a child in this time. There's just too many bad influences that you can't control. I can't imagine how would it be like in 10 years to come. InsyaAllah, pray that it will be better.

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