Friday, October 7, 2011

my little saladin

my very own salahuddin al-ayubi had arrived on the 23rd the wee hours of 0308AM.

After hours of enduring pain , alhamdulillah he was born not long after starting to push, without any assisted delivery. The pain had subdued as soon as he was out. Lo and behold, there was this beautiful baby boy in front of me. There was this magical feeling, to hold your own flesh and blood.

It was23rd of ramadhan...and how I had hoped it to be lailatul qadr.

As soon as I had been admitted to the hospital, my husband was there throughout the whole ordeal. He was reading the Quran until the time of delivery, which had greatly calmed me.

InsyaAllah, he will be another salahuddin al-ayubi in the making....

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Lidya said...

shumel shumel shumel. nnt jumpa mommy lidya okeh..