Monday, October 24, 2011

mommy hood versus housemanhood

my little salahuddin

Being a just stellar..Confusing at times.And of course, tiring. At wee morning when your child is needed to be changed or in need of milk, and your eyes just insist on closing, you just know that the child comes first. Regardless what your state is. I've had my share of oncalls during my hospital years, but being with a baby, it's non-stop oncalls. Twice this week, my little Salahuddin wont sleep until about subuh. I have no idea why, especially when so many people tell you that their little ones just sleep most of the time. Is it just my baby , or did I do something wrong in taking care of him? I admit, I sometimes feel sort of mad at the baby for not falling asleep after relentless effort to sleep him. But after he stares at you innocently, you just melt away.

Being a mom can also be scary at times. When Salahuddin was less than a month old, he had many incidents of 'colics' of which he started crying when the bouts came. Alhamdulillah, I have my senior consultant, which it Tok Mek, who would suggest for 'demah' or 'tungku' baby to alleviate the symptoms. There were also advices for gripe water and 'yu yee' oil, which I found to be helpful. Even if we are doctors ourselves, it just felt useless at time like that. He just turned 2 month yesterday, even though it felt way longer than that.

Motherhood is a very important part of one's life. Much more so than our career, if you say so. For example, if you treat a patient, you see that patient in that instance of time, for that particular problem. Yet, if you are a mother, you are seeing that same patient until either you die first, or vice versa. You are the caretaker and sole reference for the child, not just for his health and well being, but also in terms of his emotional, intelligence and social aspect.

If we ask ourselves, how much are we prepared for motherhood?I don't mean in terms of the baby clothes, bottles, diapers and such, but in terms of our spiritual, mental and knowledge.

Before we are eligible holding a job, we have to complete some sort of competency, i.e degree,diploma and what nots. But what about becoming a mother? Do we have some sort of a guide or knowledge as to become a mother? I mean, a competent mother.

Verily, Islam has set guidelines in bringing up a child. There's this very good book, entitled Tarbiyatul Aulad, to be recommended. The author is Abdullah Nasih ULwan. For example, with regards to naming our child, there is a chapter on it, which you can read an excerpt of it below:

That's just on aspect from so many that we have to be aware of.

It's not wrong to go online or pick up from the magazine concerning the gadgets for babies because it's also a necessity , but not to forget also the important aspect of ibadah with our little ones.


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