Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am a donor!!

Since being in the National Blood Bank, I am pretty much a dracula to say the least. Our main concern at the center is to ensure that there is enough blood for the hospital at the Klang valley - be it public or private sector. There is a very high demand for blood products from the hospitals. If one is oncall at the blood bank, you would know and be surprised that the usage is high indeed. With all the operations itself in need of back up blood products, then you can imagine how much we need in a day...
Thus, come in the role of the donors...which are most of us,mind you. Yet, there is stringent criteria nevertheless to become blood donors. It must be understood that, it is a privilege to become a donor, because we have to make sure that the blood products are in fact safe to be used for the patient. PATIENTS ARE THE UTMOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO CONSIDER. REgardless how much a person is enthralled to become a donor, but if you are not eligible, it is because we put the patient in the consideration. Perhaps, you are at risk to transfer something detrimental to the patient.

For those who are eligible, do consider to become a regular blood donor as this is a very wonderful way to help others. Within a year, you can donate every 3 months. For apheresis donor, every 2 weeks at least. For red blood donor, you can save three lives as the blood are further more divided into 3 components - plasma, packed red cells and platelets. While the apheresis donor, platelets and plasma which are in need especially for cancer patients and paediatrics patients.

Think how much you can benefit others...

donate blood and save a life....insyaAllah

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