Monday, January 26, 2009

ke arah sistem yang islami - dari perspektif perubatan

Kadang - kadang terdetik dalam kalbuku alangkah bagusnya sekiranya lebih banyak masa kita diluangkan untuk melibatkan diri dengan kerja2 dakwah & tarbiyah..i envy those who have been taught in the field that is specific regarding the deen..such as those in the syariah, quran and sunnah and what nots..

Time to go the field and do the direct D&T - is restricted now , as in the sense that we have oncalls and such..thus by the time that our work has ended, the time left is usually spent to sleep.

But, in reality, the field of medicine opens up a vast opportunity to do the real da'wah. It is that the mindset of the doctors are so preoccupied with the concept of "patients" and "disease centered" , that we are lacking behind in producing a whole"islamic" medicine base.

There are many instances that the conventional medicinal system fails to incorporate the islamic values that in fact , is so simple to be implemented indeed.

We can divide this into two aspects, for the patient and also the staff.

Improvement in the conventional medicinal system
1) For the patient
- during the interview : ( history taking )
- the patient must be reminded that for every malady that have befallen them, are infact from Allah. Only Allah has the power to take them back. The medicine that have been given, are only the tools - (merely means ) - not the actual healer.

- they patients are to be taught to be "sabar" during the whole predicament
and to istighfar throughout the ordeal.They are encouraged to istighfar during the whole ordeal and
reflect upon their life, - and take this opportunity as to be closer to Allah

- when the patients are being admitted to the ward, they must be reminded that they are still obligatory to solat

- The patients have to still observe their aurah

For the doctors/nurses/other staff
- The staff have to be polite and take the opportunity to use this chance with the patient as to instill the islamic advice as mentioned above

- The staff must be trained in the field of fiqh medic - solat/aurah
: hukum for certain procedures and especially regarding solat/fasting for the doctors (during operations or such when they cannot leave the operation theater - or during deliveries - whereby they can jama' and such)

- The staff must be encouraged to keep their aurah as priority
--> the operation theater must be prepared with mini tudung - and long sleeved Operation theater shirts.

- The staff are to have mini tazkirah before starting their work - such as in the briefings (especially in obstetrics and gynaecology posting)

-the staff are to be encouraged to take part in the social issues of the patients - to take into consideartion and to take further action and advice for those patients who are invovled in the maksiat -> drug users and pre marriage conceptions

There are many improvements that can be made in the current medicinal system..if we are not able to change the system, thus we must work hard and support each other to achieve this kind of dream

May Allah guides us the way..Al JIhad !!

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