Thursday, January 15, 2009

to be..or not to be..?

Amid the uproar regarding our beloved palestinian issue, there are many ears still that are not tuned to the event. I had just come back from KLCC to settle some errands, and much to my dismay, there were present throngs of people dining eagerly at the restaurants that are to be boycotted as of now.

Even if the newspapers are loaded with the gruesome pictures of our beloved brethren in vain, the heart is not yet touched, it seemed.

it's perplexing how this same nation, who are able to cry when 'an artist ' is being ousted from akademi fantasia, cannot have the same emotional outburst when it comes to the issue of our deen being tarnished?

I cannot fathom as to how hard and callous we can not to come together to rise against the tyranny that is looming before us?

Yes, i'm afraid that it is true that some have said that the generation that we have inculcated are the generation of "selfishness" whereby we would not be geared up towards anything for as long as it does not involve ourselves.

when in 2006, lebanon was hit by israel, the world had come together, and the raid had lasted for only some time..yet, this is not what is happening in regards to the issue of palestin. This has been going on for ages, and the muslim leaders are not taking enough actions as to seize the upper hand in this predicament. as its name implies..oh..i..see..

when we need is A.S.A.P action..

I am disdained when seemingly as the days goes by, it has become as it was before..a fading story..

this issue, as with many issues regarding our deen, is not purported by the feeling of "semangat' , so to must be stemmed from the heart...from our respect and love from the alMighty..

When we analyze the history before us, we must ask ourself, how did the Muslims were able to conquer the holy land before this? what was the key to victory?

It has always been the strength of iman that were present inside their hearts..

Prophet Muhammad led the muslims to victory by drilling them with tarbiyyah..

The key word is tarbiyyah --

for every malady that stricken us -- it is in fact a form of tarbiyyah..

- - to relate everything to Allah

Sometimes, i do get carried away with the current issue -- at the moment is this palestinian issue -- but in fact, the road that we must embark is the road of tarbiyyah..

The main thing is to make ourselves mukmin first --> it always has to start with oneself

- that itself is a hard thing to do..before we points fingers to others, we must mend ourself first -- "build islam within you"..then you will be able to move mountains -- this is the essence of tarbiyyah..

Rasulullah was a person who is full of grace and wisdom - within him, you will find an example of a true person ..

A man full of piety , yet a strong and wise - a humble servant , yet an all powerful leader.

This man was able to create a historical event..for his every action and words guides us -- never in history has anyone can bring an impact as powerful as prophet muhammad

The strength lies in his relation to Allah -- Manusia Rabbani

And this is the factor that muslims nowadays are lacking -- the relationship with Allah

We have been idolizing other than the Almighty - our hearts and minds are emblazoned with the treasrues of the world...

the mujahideens that have been in the path of this holy journey -- do look at them -- they have been infatuated with the reaps of akhirah -- the heaven that has been promised..

From salahuddin al- ayubbi, izzuddin al qassam, abdullah azzam , sheikh ahmad yassin, rantisi..and all those who have fought in this road -- they are mere mortals but the essence of jihad has overpowered them..

May Allah bless them and show us the way of those who follow in Rasulullah's footstep..


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