Saturday, January 10, 2009

palestine Issue

The issue of Palestine has been gazzetted everywhere.. the medias..the streets and the talks of the subject are endless..
Hopefully this will not be like previously whereby the issue is highlighted only as an issue and soon faded away from the limelight..
We must understand that this is not a matter of an issue per se. This concerns our role as muslims..the call of jihad is before us.. This is a matter of our brothers..who has been under siege for more than 60 years..This is concerning our own flesh and blood who has been massacred and whose lives have been tortured for so many decades.. There is a neverending holocaust going on out there..

Can you imagine living day by day, where your enemy is always seeking out for you?

Each seconds/minutes can be a death sentence..where blazes of fire/shells of firearms are being shot?
While us, living comfortably at home..each day, just wondering what clothes to wear? what food to eat?

do you not see , my fellow brothers..while we take our time to decide those small matters - our own flesh and blood in gaza..have fallen down/injured..oppressed daily by the enemy..

do you not understand..that we are also to blame for their suffering? our nonchalant and selfishness..our own ignorance towards our deen are the driving force behind their neverending struggle?

while we stand here disorganized, being segregated by many different factors, not unified as one..we will always be ones who deserve the blame..

while we sleep soundly on our beds ,..eating merrily our McD, drinking our Nestle Nescafe, wearing the brand new compact powder from REVLON..our gaza friends are toiling day and night, making ends meet...

We must take this seriously into our heart...this is not just an issue..This is concerning our Muslim dignity being marred..

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