Saturday, January 10, 2009

mari kita mengenali ...HAMAS..


hamas is an arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistant MOvement.

It was established at the beginning of the first intifada (1987 - 1993), issuing its first communique on 15 december 1987, one week after the eruption of the intifada.

As a military and political wing of the deep rooted islamic movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose emergence dates back to the 1940s, Hamas, soon after its establishment, climbed the latter to become the main competitor of the mother Palestinian liberation movement, Fateh.

Hamas adopts a political ideology that "sees in the Hebrew state an antagonistic totalitarian regime...A regime that complements the forces of modern colonialism which aim to take hold of the (muslim) nation's resources and to prevent the rise of any grouping that works to unify the nation." and considers that "the main confrontations with the Zionist entity is taking place in Palestine where the enemy has established its base and stronghold..(and ) no part of Palestine should be compromised" And therefore, " the best to handle the conflict with the Zionist enemy is to mobilize the potentialities of the Palestinian people in the struggle against the Zionist presence in Palestine and to keep the firebrand burning until the time when the conditions to win the battle have been realized, and wait until all the potentialities and resources of the Arab and Islamic nation are mobilized under a common political will and purpose"

Hamas is an all rounded organization that has two main wings. The social political wing that establishes schools, hospitals, charities and political and media bureaus, and the well organized wing that survived many crackdowns by "Israel" and the PNA helped by the CIA, and executed most of the "martyrdom operations" since 1993.

History of Palestine : a metholodogical study of a critical issue, Dr Mohsen Mohammed Saleh ,pg 263 - 265

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