Monday, May 4, 2009

Dedicated to my friends

My beloved friends - the preclinical years
Just before graduation
Endless struggle...books..books..and of course, patients..

The past 5 yearss....

2 days ago was one of my best friend's wedding..and a reunion all at the same time

It is true that there is great barakah in attending this kind of function, which is highly encouraged in our beloved deen

As we grow older, it seems that we are more absorbed into a world that is strange to us. There is so much daunting experiences and many twists and turns that you have never expected.

A sense of familiarity is indeed a relief for the soul.

albeit we have only been separated for only a mere 8 months, but there are so many new experiences that each of us have gone through that have changed our paths, it seems.

The thing is, for my friends and I, we have been cooped together for almost 7 years. The last 5 years isolated as medical students, have made our ties all the more stronger.
InsyaAllah, the ties will just get stronger...all through the toils and hardship to serve the ummah..

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ani bilo nok nikah?