Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drill it to the bone..

There's always a first time for everything. I had just finished my oncall today. As i was 2nd call, my calls were that of being involved in the operating room. The last case finished at 4.30 am today. Finallly, I had managed to actually insert a tibial pin for a patient with a closed fracture of right femur. My medical officer was patient enough as to stoodby and observe the procedure even though she was unquestionably exhausted.
I had feared for this moment, to tell you the truth. The thought of drilling a pin through someone's bone is not something that is enjoyable to do, to say the least. What more if i have not even observed this kind of procedure.
previously, during medical school, it was such a horrible thought to even do a venepuncture to a person, what more to insert a branula. But ever since working as a house officer, there are so many unimaginable things that we are expected to do. Even more so when you are posted to a posting that is surgical based - namely in orthopaedics, wehreby you have to do all the invasive procedures - incision and drainage, amputations and all the screw fixationan and plating.

But one thing that i realized about the human body, is that it has so many similarities to that of a machine. The only thing is that 'we are a living' machine, with the ability to think and feel.
I mean, like a machine, when we have a broken bone, there are many instances that it is still fixable, such as manipulating the fracture or inserting a wire, or fixing with a screw and plate. It is quite amazing to actually know that our bones can be fixed with a screw or a plate.

With that in mind, it just makes you realize that we are actually a living machine --> and machines are built with a purpose...for the creator..
And what about us? THat means that we are in fact built for a reason and we have a higher subordinate to follow to...

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