Friday, May 8, 2009

Tragic Accident


"There's a case at Emergency Department at IC, room 5.." my Medical Officer informed

"Okay boss..coming".. I rushed again to level 2, which is becoming a bit too familiar today.
When I had reached the room, i opened up the curtain that covered the patient inside. There was a young man, in his 20's, with his left leg enclosed within an immibolizer. The wound was an enormous one, exposing his muscle, tendon and bone. Blood was oozing, soaking extensively the gamgee and gauze beside it.

Oh my ...

" We need to clean this wound, and get a closer look whether there's an arterial injury or not. Make sure that they get the surgical team to see this patient also" ordered Dr Ramlah

I nodded..I quickly got some more gauze and gamgee, dabbing on the blood covering our view of the base of the wound.

The bleeding has considerably slowed down.
"Adik..okay ke?..apa yang berlaku ? " I the same time just wanting to make sure that the patient is still alert.

"Sakitnya akak!..tolong lah akak...tolong saya..tak tahan dah ni..saya accident tadi" moaned the patient

" Staff nurse, get 7 bottles of normal saline. We need to irrigate this wound now. Has the ATT injection given?" Dr Ramlah voiced

beep beep...the monitor showed that the blood pressure was dropping to 90/50..

"did you guys order blood for this patient? We need to get 2 pints Whole blood stat!"

They clamored to get the blood immediately, and the rest of the staff continued with resuscitation and irrigation. The intravenous drip was replaced with gelafundil.

Vital signs stabilized. The patient's heart rate no longer was tachycardic and blood pressure picked up.

The rest of us were looking at the wound and searched extensively whether there was an arterial injury. The surgical team came and reviewed the patient. The pulses were palpated. Feeble.

" Do a doppler and inform us " ordered Dr Indera and left us to handle patient
Soon, we packed up the wound and sent the patient to the x-ray department.

"hmm..The tibia is badly comminuted. Probably he'll need an interlocking nail later. For now, post the case for wound debridement, tendon and muscle repair and external fixator. Make sure he's stable first. "

The mother of the patient was looking from the side. Her face distraught...with tears running down to her cheeks.

She was explained regarding the situation of her son. She nodded.

" Saya setuju saja dengan apa yang doktor cadangkan. Apa yang doktor rasa terbaik, saya ikut"..

I was heartstricken when i heard the all too familiar phrase.

I dont know whether it has been uttered in the television, but i notice that those words are the exact same words that so many of the patients use..Exact same words.

Being in this field, when patients put their trust in you, it just gives you this heavy burden on you to be responsible to the patient to the end.

When the patient was stabilized and subsequently taken to the ward, it was already midnight at the time. We were waiting for the operation theater to call us for this case.

I was too tired and exhausted after a nonstop admission today. Nonetheless, there were still so many patients that have not been reviewed since evening since i was stuck at the emergency department. it was already 1130 PM.

"Doctor, the patient from ED just now..his Blood pressure is dropping again. The bandage was soaked.."

oh no ..not again..

We attended to the patient again and once more resuscitated him ..Alhamdulillah, with Allah's grace, he had improved and finally i was able to continue my work.

Unfortunately , it means breaking the bad news to the other patients who were waiting for emergency operations today that their cases were cancelled.

I approached one of the patient..

"Assalamualaikum mintak maaf sangat-sangat..tentang operation malam ni...kita terpaksa tangguh dulu..sekarang ni ada kes yang agak parah kena utamakan dahulu.." I started.

The patient's face fell.

"MAsa ni baru doktor nak bagi tau saya! Dah lama saya puasa!.."

I had expected this.It has happened too many times.
Even if we are surrounded with so many tragedies that should remind us of the Hereafter..we still fail to enlighten the soul with the remembrance..I am saddened by this how else can a person be as close as to the signs by Allah..yet not able to see that this is infact a calling from Allah? Yet able to not follow the righteous ways..and be reminded that the soul can be anytime called upon to meet his Maker?

"By the sun and its brightness

by the moon as it follows the sun

By the night as its conceals it
By the heavens and Him Who built it

By the earth and Him Who spread it

By Nafs (Adam or a person or a soul) and HIm Who perfected him in proportion

Then He showed him what is wrong for him and what is right for him

In deed he succeeds who purifies his ownself

And indeed he fails who corrupts his ownself

(Surah Ash-shams: 1 - 10)


Anonymous said...

aa takut

aning eleng

Humayra' said...

salam ziarah ya ukhtie...
thanks for ur entries... an inside view of a doctor's world.. a very nice insight in deed.

HIS trials and tests come from many forms... and may the tests lead us closer to HIM, instead of further away from HIM. Hopefully, all of us realize this, doctors, patients, students...

irah idan said...

We want more!!!