Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time sure flies by …

It seems like it has been just recently that I first entered the university days, upon my first footsteps to the Matrics. Yet, it has been almost 8 years ago since those memorable years of my life.

Do you still remember when you first entered the university? At the time, we were all full of dreams and high hopes. Idealistic. Full of expectations and anticipation.

I’ll be turning 26 this year. I don’t know whether I can say that I have fulfilled my expectations that I had previously emancipated before.

But youth is really one of the most productive years in our life. In a mere 4 years, I’ll be turning the big 3-0..What have I done so far that can be brought back to the Almighty as that I am able to enter the Jannah?

Sometimes, as I look around me..there are so many things going many people..with so many different stories to tell..

But inreality..there is only one outcome – one golden dream à To seek out Allah’s redha and subsequently enter the heaven.

Yet, these surrounding of ours are a delusion, a mirage of hedonistic’s pleasure.

Many a time, our life is not driven by the wants and feeling of needing to seek out Allah’s pleasure.

What is our motive in deciding our decision everyday? What is our guiding principles in foretelling our happiness?

Is it enough that at the end of the day, we are able to go back early from work and able to see our family?

Is it enough that we are able to eat our meals, without going hungry? Or able to go out to watch the movies and hang out with our friends? Or spend the day at a nice cozy place so that our minds would be relaxed?

However, there are some people with a vision , who intends to seek out a higher place, to constantly improve their position – interms of their role – in can either be the formal postion in the workplace, or simply the society. Some of these people, do not need a special recognizition for their work.

Many of us would like to seek out a higher position, because of the monetary benefits that one is entitled to. It can also be due to the extra time that one is able to spend once they go to the next level. Reduced in working hours, yet there is increment of pay. But with higher level, comes higher responsibility.

Despite all this, there exists some individuals who work without the reason of monetary benefits or the extra allowance. They work because of their belief.

These individuals are a godsend for us actually. Many of us fall prey to the neverending propagandas of a few enemies that have certain agendas.

It is saddening to see the current phenomenon that is invading our youths. So much emphasis is being put on to become a highly commercial individual.

One needs to be able to sing,dance, physically attractive, socialize, cool and what not. They also put a prize on how much grade A’s that you are able to score. Yet, the portrayal of good morale is beckoned, pushed further out from the limelight.

Morality, visionaries, iman, hardwork, belief ..all these are not enforced and inculcated into our current trend. Lest, we are left with the feeling of self worthy , wearily dissolving ourself into self absorbed individuals who are unable to empathize with others, except for our own self and our own family.

We are living our lives as if we are not dying. We are being deluded that since we are still young , we are to live our life as we want. Slowly, we are crossing away from the path of Rasulullah and the sahabah..from the guiding principles of the Quran.

Al Lail

Demi Malam apabila menutupi (cahaya siang)

Demi siang apabila terang –benderang

Demi penciptaan laki-laki dan perempuan

Sungguh, usahamu memang beraneka macam

Maka barangsiapa memberikan (hartanya di jalan Allah) dan bertakwa

Dan membenarkan (adanya pahala) yang terbaik (syurga)

Maka akan Kami mudahkan baginya jalan menuju kemudahan ( kebahagiaan)

Dan adapun orang yang kikir dan merasa dirinya cukup (tidak perlu pertolongan Allah)

Serta mendustakan (pahala) yang terbaik

Maka akan Kami mudahkan baginya jalan menuju kesukaran ( kesengsaraan)

Dan hartanya tidak bermanfaat baginya apabila dia telah binasa

Sesungguhnya Kamilah yang memberi petunjuk

Dan sesungguhnya milik Kamilah akhirat dan dunia itu

Maka Aku memperingatkan kamu dengan neraka yang menyala –nyala….(1 – 14)

Dan akan dijauhkan darinhya (neraka) orang yang paling bertakwa

Yang menginfakkan hartanya ( di jalan Allah) untuk membersihkan dirinya

Dan tidak ada seorang pun memberikan suatu nikmat padanya yang harus dibalasnya

Tetapi (dia memberikan) itu semata-mata) kerana mencari keredaan Tuhannya Yang Maha Tinggi

Dan nescaya kelak dia akan mendapat kesenangan ( yang sempurna) ( 26 – 21)

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