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amazing quran

I had recently bought a book entitled "the amazing quran"..coincidentally, it was during a talk presented by the wonderful yusuf estees.. I had the opportunity to hear from 2 magnificent muslims who previously were preachers in their own right...the other person besides yusuf estees was Dr. omar zaid, of which i had bought his book..

One thing that struck me most about the amazing quran book , was that it had mentioned of a name that was so familiar to me throughout my medical students years..which was Keith Moore..

Yes, the author of the well-read anatomy book..i have indeed heard that he was a Muslim, but that was just passing glance, not taking it very seriously at the time..

..this is an excerpt from the book...

For example, the Quran mentions man's origin and then tells the reader , "research it!" It gives the reader a hint where to look and then states that one should find out more about it. This is the kind of thing that Muslims today largely seem to overlook - but not always , as illustrated in the following example. A few years ago, a group of men in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia collected all of the verses in the Qur'an which discuss embryology - the growth of the human being in the womb. Theysaid " Here is what the Quran says. is it the truth?" In essence, they took the advice of the Quran : "ask the men who know."

THey chose, it happened, a non-Muslim who is a professor of embryology at the University of Toronto. His name is Keith Moore, and he is the author of textbook on embryology - a world expert on the subject. They invited him to Riyadh and said, " This is what the Quran says about your subject. Is it true?What can you tell us?"

While he was in Riyadh, they gave him all of the help that he needed in translation and all of the cooperation for which he asked. And he was so surprised at what he found that he changed his textbooks. In fact, in the second edition of one of his books, called Before We are the section about the history of embryology, he included some material that was not in the first edition because of what he had found in the Quran. Truly this illustrates that the Quran was ahead of its time and that those people who believe in the Quran know what other people do not know.

........In fact , he said that one item in particular - the Quran's description of the human being as a leech-like clot 'alaqah' at one stage - was new to him, but when he checked on it, he found it was true, and so he added it to his book. He said, "i never thought of that before, " and he went to the zoology department and asked for a picture of a leech. When he found that it looked just like the human embryo, he decided to include both pictures in one of his textbooks....

....All of the descriptions in the Quran of the appearance of the embryo are of the item when it is still too small to see with the eye; therefore one needs a microscope to see it. ..

..In fact, when he was asked "how do you explain this information in the quran?" Dr Moore's reply "It could only have been divinely revealed!"

..(these are only excerpts..i had to shorten the read the full guys can get the book "the amazing quran" Based upon a lecture presented by Gary Miller, produced by Saheeh international , Abul-Qasim publishing House, 1994

And since i'm in the obstetrics department right now..being involved with so many pregnant ladies and such.. many questions were being asked especially upon doing the ultrasound, "how's my baby?"

and lo and behold..i came across this ayah in the quran " Allah mengetahui akan apa yang dikandung oleh tiap-tiap ibu, dan mengetahui apa yang kurang dari yang kandungan dalam rahim itu atau yang lebih. Dan tiap-tiap sesuatu adalah ditetapkan di sisiNya dengan kadar yang tertentu." (Surah Ar-Ra'd: 8)

...That ayah struck a deep cord within me, especially since i'm posted in this department..How miraculous it see that nothing is left untouched by the beautiful and magnificent Quran..How it is so much of evidence that Allah is indeed the Almighty...

this is from wikipedia:
Keith L. Moore is a professor emeritus in the division of anatomy (department of surgery), former Chair of anatomy and associate dean for Basic Medical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine) at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has also worked at the King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he is a founding member of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA). He was President of the AACA between 1989 and 1991[1]. He is most known for his textbooks on the subjects of anatomy and human embryology.

He has co-written (with professor Arthur F. Dalley II) Clinically Oriented Anatomy, which is the most popular English-language anatomy textbook in the world, used by scientists, doctors, physiotherapists and students worldwide. The book is especially popular because of its 'blue boxes' - passages of text on blue background that relate the classical anatomy to real-world concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of human patients. The book now exists in multiple versions - one with American English spelling and one with British English spelling, and also a shorter version that is more suitable as a reference or revision guide.

Dr. Keith L.Moore has converted to Islam after reading the Holy Quran claiming that it holds many scientific theories that would have been impossible to know 1400 years ago with out using modern 21st century technology.

(isn't it amazing..for those who really ponder the quran will certainly appreciate that it really is a testament from Allah) Subhanallah!!!

Salam eid adha...

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