Saturday, December 6, 2008

H.O. --> Hamba orang

Even though i've been away from the real world for quite some time, but of course this issue is of utmost important for me to be part of..which i've heard to be in the limelight right now (hopefully its true)..concerning doctors...

Recently the headlines regarding doctors becoming depressive - as much as 5 in one month - of course would cause much uproar among ourselves and the rest of the public.

I am one of the so called junior doctors' -- the houseman --..which to me, belongs to a species of the lowest rank.

We are no longer students, of course..yet, we are not 'true doctors' in a sense ..We are part clerk..part slave..part students..but we are not doctors..

We are not really part of the medical 'team' so to speak..we are just assistant..especially with regards to ' writing down' what they say..what they dictate us...

We are sometimes used as the ones to scurry off to buy foods/get the stuff/ and write things down, even though at times we have no grasp of idea of what they have been discussing..

and everything that goes's always our fault..because of our ignorance, our attitude and because we are who we are..which are house mans..

In reality, I know that houseman training is the time to prepare us and equip us to become real one who can actually manage patients ourselves. I do understand that in order to make that a reality, we have to work as hard as we could. I believe that most of us are aware of that and am ready to make that sacrifice. However, as we are also belong to the new generation..which i believe differ in many ways from the older generation, which may need some improvisation in regards of the training.

I usually like to discuss with the Medical officers with regards as how they survived their houseman training. Some of them actually enjoyed their HO training surprisingly..and to me its not that surprising. Truthfully, i don't mind that much working the long hours,..even many of my oncalls i usually ended up not getting any sleep until the next working day.

Yes, we do get cranky and very much tired, but still it cannot paramount as to get 'scolding' and 'yellings' by some of the higher ranked hierarchy..namely the consultant.

These scoldings would many times reduce your self esteem as to nil..especially when it occurs in front of the whole department staff and not to mention the whole ward. Imagine being scrutinized in front of your whole peers and patients. Most definitely , your crediblity would be judged - especially by that of the patients.

There was this one response that i read from "star' in which that he /she mentioned that yellings by the specialist may be one of the isolated cases..but i beg to differ..from my students days until now, these so called isolated cases have indeed coalesced into something much more bigger.

I do not know as how to improve the current system or indeed whether the blame is really onto the houseman themselves..but perhaps its both..

Probably it is true to some extent that we are of lesser quality than our predecessors..i apologize then for our mistake..i apologize that we are not as tougher/harder/more hardworking as our seniors..

As's always the housemans fault..

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