Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kurang Ajar ---> disebabkn kurang diajar

Tarbiyyah is definitely one of the most important aspect in life that we have far neglected. As I enter this new phase of life, which is the working life..all the more that i seem to think that Tarbiyyah is the ultimate solution to our current damp situation.
"mendidik" or the cultivation of a someone's akhlak, is one of the highly coveted trophy in a society.

It is saddening indeed to be exposed to the real calamity that have befallen us. Recently, I had attended the Hospital's CME ..whereby there will be the latest updates in medicine. The topic that were covered that day was that of the OSCC, which stands for "one stop crisis center". It was conceptualized by one of the doctor who cared enough for the patient.

Before I go any further, OSCC is a center in the hospital whereby patients who are victims of violence/rape (more of social matter)..can be attended to. These victims can go directly to the emergency department and seek the medical attention and police help at one go. If i'm not mistaken, most hospitals have this facility.

I commend this idea very much, and i hope that there will be other facilities that can be provided as to have better care for the patients.

During the lecture, they also presented on the statistics regarding figures in relation to these cases.

I was somewhat disturbed, to say the least, when they showed such high figures in regards to this matter.

I never thought that we have to come to a state whereby rapes/domestic violence/and all the what nots are becoming a norm. Could you believe that almost everyday we have quite a number of these cases? and they only showed the figures REGISTERED in the hospital..

How about those cases that were not reported? That were left alone..

It is high time for us to act and do something regarding this matter. We have to be aware and TAKE CHARGE..this is OUR you...US...

We have to reflect upon what has happened to our society..We have to open our eyes and realize that we are in fact declining in regards to our social aspect.

Please do not be blinded by the fact that we have achieved so many greatness in regards of developement, when in fact..our social development has been deteriorating so much

Ever since i've worked and in fact during my university years...i have met with so many patients who are involved in these social crises. So many unwed mothers giving birth..just recently during the hari teenage motehr ( a mere 15 years old) gave birth to twins ( at 22 weeks and 5 days) in which the paediatric team would not resuscitate... they weighed 520 gm and 480gm respectively.

Yes, as doctors..we are only responsible during the time of delivery..but how about our social duty? These kind of patients need much more than the routine medicalservice...but unfortuntely our system right now is more targeted towards the 'medical'events per se..but eventually , we would refer to the social we do to all the unmarried cases..

I heard the socialworker lamented that they are always busy..which adds to my worries..that in fact..we have so many social problems that need to mended...

We are living in a time where there is in fact so many work to do and so little people who understand the importance of this predicament..

Where not many who understand the concept of our a solution to this ongoing problem.. Where Jahiliyah is rampant and islam "kembali dagang"...

Semoga Allah memberi petunjuk dan hidayah pada kita semua..

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