Thursday, December 11, 2008


Apa yang kita perlukan sekarang adalah untuk membangkitkan kembali unsur 'manusiawi' di kalangan masyarakat kita..

As we progress into a much 'modernized' society, it seems that we have become less humanized along the if we have forgotten that the objective of the modernization in the first place is to make our life better..

But who is to define "better "? in what way? in what aspect?
Probably what we have achieved in doing is probably is - by far - reducing our working time in doing our everyday chores and needs... but in the long run, we have not succeeded in terms of the real objective..

Maybe we have achieved in shortening our time in doing many aspect of our work, but we have forgotten why we have done that in the first place?

Why is it that we want to ease our burden, so much so, that we have spent so much time in creating so many gadgets as to alleviate our suffering?

okay, perhaps i have mentioned one point, which is to alleviate suffering..
Many times we have created these utensils as to alleviate our suffering, so that there will be less toiling..

tapi..yang utama adalah memenuhi the objectivity in the first place..

Objektif kita yang utama dalam dunia ini adalah untuk mendapat redha Ilahi..

"Aku tidak menciptakan jin dan manusia melainkan agar mereka beribadah kepada Ku" Az-Zariyat : 56

For example, with the advancement in regards to transportation, whereby from walking --> using animals --> then starting to use wheels such bicycles/trishaw/ --> automobiles

With this kind of technology we were able to cut short of our time for travelling so much so that we are able to to travel to thousands of miles away in several hours that used to take up many days or even months.

This is highly commendable, no doubt.

Then if we analyze the invention of phones as a source of communication, we see that it is constantly changing to an extent that within this several years we have been bombarded with so many programs such as the 3G and stuff.

And with the internets and computer what has gone surpassed beyond our expectations..

Yes, indeed we are drowned in the ocean of technology..

But with these superb advancement, we see also the declination and the rapid deterioration of our humanity as we know it.

We have been able to utilize these kinds of instruments and turn it into a wrath of God..

Instead of doing it for the sake of fulfilling our main objectives as khalifah in this world, we opt for the opposite of it.

Using these wonderful transportation, communication tools and technology savvy gadgets to accomplish stuff that are in fact "haram" by Allah's eyes.

Why is that so ? Because along the way of creating these devices, we have put so much effort in the making of it..instead of thinking the need of it..and the social effect it brings about to the society..

In today's society where everything is needed to be fast and furious..the aspect of human development is laid hidden from the limelight.

And as we observe now, the problem has had its deleterious effect towards our society and now only we are grappling as how to solve the society.

Recently, I went to my old school, and gave a bit of a peptalk to the SPM students. I thought it would not be such a difficult task as we are about 10 years away..but i was stunned when a student asked me"..akak..time akak dulu ada tak handphone?'..

....I could only answer .."NO.."...

It is high time for us to consider back the tarbiyyah system..and spread the word of Rabb into our society..for we have strayed far from the Sunnah..

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