Wednesday, December 17, 2008

menuntut hak yang sepatutnya

There are many times indeed that i've heard of senior doctors commenting how we have been performing..the HO's..
the housemans nowadays are of lesser quality now..not like how it used to be..
Perhaps it is true, to some extent...i myself do not feel that i'm up to the standard as to compare with the other houseman..
Honestly, i dont know where we have gone wrong?
And the other thing that we have been commented is that of being 'manja'..manjalitis, as to speak..
Again, i cannot disagree that much..
but it needs to be said, many a times, things have been underreported previously..
It's like in the case of do we know the incidence previously? and how to say that it is indeed have increased tremendously if in the olden days, people did not report these kind of cases.

Is it wrong if we are to speak our minds and be against the treatment that are imposed on us today?

Because of these outspokenness also that there have been improvements in recent years in the care of the doctors.
I was told that previously the rates for oncalls were RM 25 per day and now it has increased to quadruple the amount..

Yes, i am aware that the previous batches have had to suffer..and we have had it much better as compared to previously..but think of it this way..we are to pave way to make it better for the future generation..

When people fight for something, sometimes, the end result would not be felt by them straight away, but others would be able to reap in the benefits..

To me, it is vital for us to actually try to make a betterment of the health system 's not just for us..both in the end it would benefit the patients as a whole

Imagine that if we were able to make it better for the doctors, in terms of time whereby then they would be able to serve the patietns rightly as they should, then would it not benefit both parties?

I am in favor of the shift system thta has been proposed in the newsletter of the MMA..
7 hours shift..probably it is not fathomable in the cases of doctors currently, but probably 12Hours shift can be plausible..

This is because when we are pressured of time, many patients are not getting the right kind of treatment as they should..

from what i can observe is that many times we tend to chase time quickly, thus we have not given the proper education to the patients, which to me are indeed importnat...

especially in regards to the islamic input...there are many issues that does concern the topic that they have overlooked..

many of us tend to focus on the medical aspects..but tend to leave out on the ukhrawi..

since i'm in obstetrics and gynaecology posting right in and day out we are dealing with births...these are indeed crucial aspects in life...

I would think it is indeed beneficial if we can use this time, such as having a pep talk with the patients in regards as to nurture their babies islamicallly..that is indeed the perfect time to inculcate them a sense of "islamic" motherhood...

but we cannot do this as well as it should..because of shortage of time..

In reality we are depriving the patients of these highly crucial information..

We have to think of a system whereby we can in the end, inculcate these kind of sentimens into them..

to me it begins with the improvement of the doctors - as they will be the most vital aspect in the part of the conveying the message...


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Anonymous said...

i agree with you sister hani..what a very good idea..
the healthcare system in malaysia should be change for the bettermen in the future..not just keep looking at the past and saud that
" we have gone thru all this n yet we are better than all of you"-haniaktaj:)