Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The palestinian issue

Only Allah knows how much our brothers and sisters are suffering in palestine..
while we gear up to celebrate the new year's eve, grinning happily at the thought of the day's off..
But our beloved brethren yonder, never once getting the time out from the continuous struggle

When will it be that we would strive hand in hand together as one nation - a nation of islam - to shake the ties that hold them..

While we absolve ourselves in the dunya..the materialism, the money, these ecstacy of life, we have shunned ourselves from the road of jihad..

Take myself for example..to be self absorbed, to constantly worry about myself, not taking the steps to actually be involved in the road of the journey..

May Allah grant us the strength and ways to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Palestin

For all of us, pray hard for them..boycott the ones that help the zionist.. sacrifice a bit of money to help them..spread the news regarding their sufferings..

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