Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hari krismas saya bertugas...hari raya haji hari tu pun saya juga bertugas..pendek kata, setiap kali cuti perayaan nampaknya saya terpaksa bertugas

alhamdulillah time tu boleh dikatakan tidak lah ramai sangat angka pesakit yang datang..tidak seperti hari raya haji tempoh hari..di mana bilangan pesakitnya non stop..

namun, ada kes emergency di mana pesakit tu terpaksa undergo emergency LSCS ( caesarean operation) --> since on CTG (Cardiotocography - alat untuk check keadaan jantung baby dan juga kekuatan contraction pain seseorang) it was noted that there was persistent type 1 deceleraiton (maksudnya - jantung baby berada dalam keadaan lemah) for more than one hour. the specialist was noted and decided for caesar.

I went to the patient, and explained regarding the need the operation and the risk associated with it..She understood..and then asked me .."doktor..saya nak ikat sekali"...(meaning she wants to undergo bilateral tubal ligation--> permanent sterilization : di mana tiub fallopian akan diikat dan di potong)
I was stunned..this was only a 33 year old lady,with 3 children only..and then already decided that 4 is enough..

I asked for confirmation..she said she was sure of it..

This puts me in a dilemma...
She had asked for a permanent sterilization in which after this she will not be able to be pregnant.

The thing is, in Islam, the hukum for permanent sterilization is is only permitted when there is risk for the mother if she goes into another pregnancy.. I would understand if she has some underlying medical illness in which the pregnancy would cause serious damage to the mother, such as in the case of heart disease ( tight Mitral stenosis-if i;m not mistaken, and left to right shunt)

This lady has essential hypertension, on treatment..Yes..i do agree to some extnet it can lead to severe Pre eclampsia and such..but to justify as to allow permanent sterilization is not enough..

I informed my Medical officer of her request and she only asked whether the husband agreed to it and if it is agreed, then can proceed with it..

I then counselled the husband regarding the operation, in which in the end he had agreed upon the operation. I actually had wanted to talk him out of it..

The operation proceeded, and i had to assist the medical officer during the operation.

As usual, I scrubbed and wore on the sterile gown , making myself ready for the operation..but a guilt feeling overcame me and I was succumbed to the horrendous feeling

Here I am, standing and assisting in an operation that, in my opinion is not allowed in the eyes of Islam.

I had failed to reiterate the Islamic point behind the whole predicament, when in fact, we are among Muslims, in which there should be no problem arising.

Sometimes, in our life, we are cornered in a situation whereby we have to choose which is in the best interest..but along the way, we might hyave to sacrifice the syariah..But as muslims..the syariah should be the number we decide should be based upon the maqasid syariah..

But alas, that is the ideal and that is what we should strive for..Verily, there is much work to be done and along the way, we need to ask for Allah's help and forgiveness ..I don't know how I would be able to answer in the yaumul qiyamah, whereby I do not propagate what I have am I not doing as hard as i can to make sure that the syariah is implemented as much as my power permits me to..Forgive me for my weakness ..Ya Allah, grant us the way and strength to overcome this..may Allah always place us in His Mercy..Ameen..


Anonymous said...

That is why ur obligation is to get MO title, to make sure this thing could not happen. (not for all cases, which it is impossible to correct it, but which the case u get).

kita insan lemah, terbatas.
Only His Forgiveness we need.

Azhani said...

yes..i do believe that is right..sometimes we can only correct things when we have the power to do it..but to go through all that, is by Allah's will