Sunday, December 21, 2008

Orang Asli 2

retrospective entry @ 2006

Off we go to kg. sena, located in Nenasi, which is at Pekan, Pahang.

Actually, we are conducting a research among orang asli to look whether they have the risk factors of cardiovascular disease.
The title of the research is The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among adult population(18 - 65 years old) org asli in kg, sena, on september 2006.

We went to the place once so far..but then again... we went to other kampungs that are inhabited by the orang asli.. such as kg. landai and ranching..

in different villagers there are different environment of the OA (org asli). like in kg. sena..they were not that modern.. most of them live in houses that had leaves as the walls..not many of them had TV. but one thing about them is that DOGS byk sangat2!!! the dogs were baik enough and so far only once they tried to chase one of our group members. in kg. sena..the place was very clean.. and they were very friendly..the dogs pun.. but the number of the dogs..numerous..almost all the houses had dogs..and 2-4 dogs each house..

So, for our first visit..we had asked the doctor from the nearest klinik kesihatan there to accompany us.. his name is Dr. Hafiz. He is the only doctor ( in terms of klinik kerajaan, that is) available for the whole of nenasi..which has the population of 13,000.

So, we went to each house of the OA and surveyed their population and the Dr. Hafiz checked them and reminded them to go to clinic for checkup and immunization for their children. MOst of them have almost 10 children.So in kg. sena the total pop is 459. but we only went to the OA.the OA is around 200 people.

Many of them org asli smoke..the daun type..and also drink alcohol..such as samsu..

Oh yes, there is one kg. where it is under the rancangan penempatan semula..these OA are very modern.. most of them own TV's, VCD players and hi fi stereo set... this time around we didn't follow the doctors..but instead the inspektor kesihtan.. (IK). We went to look how they did fogging for mosquitoes..for prevention of malaria.. it's quite different from those fogging for denggi. These fogging for malaria only involved OA. ..the denggi fogging involves everyone..especially those urban dwellers..

This 3 weeks i'll be attached to hospital pekan and pejabat kesihatan daerah among the activites are following the activites of we follow the unit kawalan kesihatan, kawalan air minuman.makanan, unit penyakit berjangkit, unit penguatkuasaan and lots more. So each day, we follow their activites. BUt so far i've only joined the malaria team. so next week, i;ll join the others.

some of my friends had the opportunity to follow the IK doing inspection of premis makanan..check for the safety of the food and cleanliness..kedai kerpok..kedai makan and such..

unfortunately, they are understaffed...imagine, only one malaria team ( 4 people) for the whole of pekan.. so each day, they have go fogging..from morning to tgh hari.. to different kampung..

so..while we ogle at artists and models and these newsmakers..we never realized how much work that others are doing for our sake..these IK's,..staff nurses..sure they don't get credit that much..most of us don't even know their existence..but thanks to them..our health are being taken care without us knowing.. of course the credits goes to Allah..but what I mean is among the people..we don't even appreciate what others are doing....

that's just the part of kesihatan.. belum lagi other about pertanian.. or perindustrian..

i never knew about all these stuff but this posting has taught me a lot about the outside world.. the world that we never knew...we don't need to cooped up inside these stone wall.(bangunan...) there are a lot of stuff to do out much things to discover..instead of just going overseas..why not go within the seas.. look at our kampung and learn their the orang asli.. and of course enjoy while learning...

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